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Tamil family wins deportation leave reprieve

Tamil family's last ditch bid

R. VenuGopal, Bharat Times Melbourne, 30 September: A Tamil family of Sri Lankan descent – comprising of the husband Nadesalingam, wife priya and their two Australian born daughters, who were being deported back to Sri Lanka – have won a five day stay on their deportation while their lawyers make a

Is pardon petition to G-G a new way to buy time / PR?

Minister loses the Appeal, Federal Court split 3:2 Brisbane 19 June: In a unique case of court litigation for Australian residency visa, there has been a 2:3 split in Federal court Queensland involving the applicant - Dr Megumi Ogawa who, according to the minister had failed the character test and thus

Sister marries brother, gets Australian PR


Bathinda, (Punjab) February 3: This case has come to surface like a bolt from the blue and shocked the hell out of anyone with any sense of dignity. Despite the fact that the duo of sister and brother got married for a scam and not for any other reason, the

Indian Community Centre & 108 bed Aged Care facility


Dandenong, February 3: The talk of having an Indian centre for the Indian community based in Victoria has been there – for ages. All Indian community gatherings would entail a discussion about it. There were plans, grand plans, then downsized plans after reality checks and then some more plans. It

US Government’s fake university traps Indians

Fake-Uni of ICE, US

Michigan, February 1: The US government’s own Department of Homeland Security laid a trap to catch the unsuspecting scammers involved in the trade of illegal entry and stay called “pay and stay”. They set up a fake university - the University of Farmington in Farmington Hills, Michigan which billed itself

Why Indian Aussies want ABC 7.30 to apologize

It makes my blood boil to see how factually wrong information is broadcast... says Ravi Bhatia ...Indian girls will not sacrifice their chastity just to get their PR... says Uday Dhumatkar Melbourne, August 3: The time was just after 8am on Monday June 27 morning and the start of the final week

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