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Trump’s paper war with India

Trump on India

The unpredictable nature of US President Donald Trump’s speeches and announcements continues to shock many around the globe. It is not new that he proclaims policies - in all areas - anytime, from anywhere and however so he feels like. It is not new that he came to power on the

Triumph for Trump: Thumbs Up for being politically incorrect

With Trump rolling in as President-elect, American voters have turned President Barack Obama's expectation of a preference for wisdom and decency in the presidential poll upside down, writes Amulya Ganguli  Instead, the electorate's choice has been for a person whose negative aspects range from racism to misogyny to vulgarity. If Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s last stand: Whine, women and roast!

Win or lose. Donald Trump may or may not be able to "Make America Great Again" writes Arun Kumar in his Washington Diary. But one thing is sure, American politics will never be the same -- and so much fun -- again! The Republican presidential contender though has promised to keep the

White House race: Who is most presidential?

The White House Diary by Arun Kumar  Washington: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most presidential of them all? That's the question American voters are asking as they size up the three survivors in the White House race. Supporters of "Dodging Donald" Trump, as critics call the Republican now sitting

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