Rajdeep Kaur Kang

Meet Rajdeep Kaur Kang for Maribyrnong City Council
Stony Creek Ward

If you are voter in Stony Creek Ward, this is why you may consider to vote for Rajdeep Kaur Kang

Rajdeep says if she gets elected:

My first priority is supporting communities through Covid recovery; 

  • Supporting mental health services (especially in youth area) by improving accessibility to ALL residents in need. I am a counsellor and Acupuncturist so this issue is very close to my heart.
  • Investing more in open spaces and hubs and sporting clubs so that the community can connect and heal. Keeping in mind our major emergency of climate change and biodiversity.
  • Supporting small businesses and allowing local jobs prioritised to locals 

Community engagement is a big one!! I want to reach out to all to make sure they are all being heard.

Does you think the local council is appropriately representative of your community and its interests?

No I don’t, I think that the more proactive community gets the voice out and gets representation. I believe that our vulnerable community and those that find it difficult to voice their opinions don’t get heard. I want to advocate for those residents that find it is a struggle to get their voice heard. I also believe that a lot of Council representatives have their own agendas and put those views before the communities views therefore decisions made for the residence are not always those that the community wants.   

As a potential voter this is Rajdeep’s pitch to you:

As a Sikh, equality and selfless service are what we live by. I believe that representing the community in Maribyrnong of which I been a part of my whole life, I can give back and support fairness and do my bit. In my work as the Secretary of the Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Australia, I have obtained many skills that can be transferred and allow me to be a great Councillor. In this work I have always been unbiased and never put my agenda first but advocated for the good of the 55 diverse communities we have at the radio station.

I have seen so many people in leadership roles put their agendas before the communities voice and that really disappoints me. We all may have our views, but Local Council should represent the voice of the people. I want to be that voice. In my experience I think that sometimes policies are made just to tick boxes and not inclusive of all the community. I want to be the leader that calls this out and not let anyone fall behind. This has become more important in recent times where we have seen so many people struggle and left behind. I think if we all work together harmoniously we can become more of a cohesive community. 

Are migrant communities appropriately looked after by the mainstream political parties in Victoria?  

No some work has been done, but I think that more needs to be done for migrant communities. We are facing many changes in our communities and I believe that by community consultations and liaising with community leaders and organisations these parties can attend to some very important issues.  

As Victorian of Indian/Asian descent what do you miss most about India / your country of origin here or what do you fondly remember?

I miss the street food!! I am a big foodie and love trying new foods. My husband is from Amritsar and the food experiences that I have had in Amritsar have been to die for. My trips to India are all about trying new street foods, as there is so much variety and yumminess. I know at this time so many people in India are struggling with Covid, I give my best wishes to all Indians and hope they get through this coming out stronger then before.  

Rajdeep thinks the Covid Situation in Victoria could have been handled better.