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Melbourne PBD-2016 delivers a Big Zero

Melbourne, February 21: Pravasi Bhartiya Divas or PBD as it is (or was) famously known since its inaugural big bang celebrations in New Delhi on 9 January 2003 – with much fanfare – seems to have run out of steam. The sudden cancellation of the Indian diaspora’s January big bang for

Multiculturalism is not mini nationalism where people live isolated…

Robin Scott: Multiculturalism is not mini nationalism where people live isolated from others As migrants, we are all interested in policies, which directly talks about us or affects us directly or vicariously. And Multiculturalism is one such area of government policy, which in Victoria, is executed through its two offices: the Victorian

Inga Peulich sues Prasad Philip for defamation

Is she racist? Prasad Philip says she is. This is an unfortunate story involving two people – one is a member of our own community and the other one although not Indian, has had a great bond with many Indians over the years. Prasad Philip, a Keralite Indian by descent, is being sued

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