Federal Budget 2020

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia and brought its economy on its knees, there was only one option for the government – to spend and spend to hold the economy from totally collapsing while the world finds a vaccine for the virus. The fiscal prudence rule books are not forRead More →

Leisure Travel Australian Indians

Results from a major national research study reveal that demand for travel amongst the Australian Indian community is strong, with 42% of survey respondents likely to go for travel for leisure within 1-3 months of travel restrictions easing.  Furthermore, 100% of respondents are likely to take between 1-3 leisure travel tripsRead More →

AIBC Victoria Chapter

In the given uncertainties of post COVID-19 ‘new normal’, bilateral relations between powerhouses in the world will go a long way to bring the economic reconstruction strategies on track. India and Australia, although have a lot in common, their bilateral relations have been – not at the top of theirRead More →

Mobile CT scanner

A lightweight mobile CT scanner small enough to fit into standard ambulances, has been designed and developed by Monash University in partnership with Micro-X and could provide faster stroke diagnosis at the point of care.  Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in Australia and the secondRead More →