COVID-19 India's challenges

While India is getting weary of restrictions due to coronavirus threat, the numbers this morning suggest that the COVID-19 challenges remain for India. Although many voices have called for India to ease off measures put in place to control the spread, the numbers suggest India must keep a watchful eyeRead More →

CovidSafe App

The Australian government has rolled out its COVIDSafe App which is now available from Play Store for both Android and Apple interfaces. Launched on Sunday, April 26 at 6.00 PM, more than one million Australians had downloaded and installed it by 10.30 PM. Clearly Australians believed the government on itsRead More →

home-schooling & COVID-19

Parents can just admit that they struggle with a topic when children are home-schooling, then model what a great learner does by jumping in and learning about it together. Laugh with each other when you make a mistake, and celebrate when you get things right! Dr Bradley Shipway is aRead More →

VicSchools Term 2 online

Victorian schools will go online for Term 2 when they reopen on April 14. Most Victorian students will be educated from home when Term 2 starts next week to ensure the physical distancing will help slow the spread of coronavirus, with free internet access and laptops for those students whoRead More →