Today Tanya Plibersek let the genie out of the bottle of all the critics of Peter Dutton writes Dinesh Malhotra ‘Xenophobia latest weapon employed in election 2016’ cried a headline. ‘Dutton inflames refugee debate’ shouted another while media began to see ghosts of the mother Australia – Pauline Hanson; inRead More →

The federal election has been announced and Australians must act now to ensure they are enrolled by the deadline of 8pm on 23 May 2016. Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said all Australian citizens aged 18 years and over are required by law to enrol and vote in the 2 JulyRead More →

The strong argument that negative gearing is a tax rort doesn’t seem to get traction in election campaigns and Labor will struggle to sell this idea, believes Dr Nick Economou. For most of the period he has been Liberal prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull has been giving the impression of aRead More →

L-NP 50% cf. ALP 50% as per Roy Morgan poll Government Confidence falls 7pts to 99 – lowest since Turnbull became PM. In mid-April L-NP support is 50% (down 2.5%) cf. ALP 50% (up 2.5%) on a two-party preferred basis following debate about the reintroduction of the ABCC (Australian BuildingRead More →

Tell the truth and shed the Credlin baggage Infidelity represents the un-vowed aspiration of a very special kind, which would lead the man to the opposite of his wife, to the ‘’woman of wax’’ whom he could model at will, make and unmake in any way he wished, Marguerite Duras,Read More →

Melbourne, March 31: New migrants are finding it harder than they expect to find suitable work in Australia and low levels of English and a lack of local experience are the biggest barriers, a new study has found. And the lack of support for jobseekers newly arrived to Australia canRead More →

With reports of sensitive documents being leaked and rumours of numbers being counted, some commentators have started to liken former Liberal leader and prime minister Tony Abbott to Labor’s Kevin Rudd after he, too, was denied the leadership by his colleagues. While the bitterness that each has clearly felt overRead More →