Leisure Travel Australian Indians

Results from a major national research study reveal that demand for travel amongst the Australian Indian community is strong, with 42% of survey respondents likely to go for travel for leisure within 1-3 months of travel restrictions easing.  Furthermore, 100% of respondents are likely to take between 1-3 leisure travel tripsRead More →

Mobile CT scanner

A lightweight mobile CT scanner small enough to fit into standard ambulances, has been designed and developed by Monash University in partnership with Micro-X and could provide faster stroke diagnosis at the point of care.  Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in Australia and the secondRead More →

Inclusive Education Victoria

Researchers and graduate teachers from Monash University’s Faculty of Education have come together to address the challenges the education sector faces in providing a quality, inclusive learning environment for students across Victoria during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. As Victorian schools, teachers and students adapt to the pressures of Stage 4Read More →

JobKeeper and JobSeeker

With the rates and size of JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs being reduced progressively from next month onward, experts on the other side of debate claim it will only hurt the poor and the needy. To make matters worse, they believe, the government is making it even worse by bringing theRead More →

Cortical Vision Device Monash Vision Group

A revolutionary cortical vision device, developed by Monash University researchers that could one day help restore vision to the blind, is being prepared for world-first human clinical trials in Melbourne. Through Monash University’s Cortical Frontiers project, researchers have developed miniaturised, wireless electronic implants that sit on the surface of theRead More →