ABC is wasting money to promote one side is a disgrace

The ABC and its former ‘independent’ frontline talent are deeply involved in promoting The Voice. Among other roles with the national broadcaster, Leigh Sales and Kerry O’Brien have both worn the privileged crown as hosts of the ABC’s 7.30 Report. Both are now heavily ensconced in promoting the Yes case for theRead More →

Chandrayaan 3 lands on the moon

Rover Pragyan marks successful next stage; rolls out of Chandrayaan-3 lander By smoothly landing Chandrayaan 3 on the Southern surface of the moon, India has done what no other nation in the world has. That too with only Rs 615 crore cost, achieving soft landing with clinical precision, India hasRead More →

Independence Day 2023 Consulate Office

The After the terse and firm warning from the Premier Daniel Andrews, the celebrations of India’s Independence Day went without incident. The threats of “Besiege Indian Missions – the terror houses” by the Khalistani groups, fortunately  did not make any disruptive impact. The celebrations went extremely well with much fanfareRead More →

Rishi Sunak with Murari Bapu

In a rare moment now captured in history, the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, attend a ‘Ram Katha’ (sermon ceremony) on 15 August, by the one and only Murari Bapu in Cambridge said that his Hindu faith guides him in every aspect of his life and gives him the courageRead More →

All Electric - Gas ban in Victoria

New Victorian households will save up to $1,000 off their annual energy bills while reducing household emissions, as part of the Andrews Labor Government’s landmark decision to phase out gas in new homes. Across the world, the cost of gas is rising sharply, and so is uncertainty around supply. VictoriansRead More →

Operation Sandon - Surveillance photo of Sam Aziz + former Liberal Party MP Lorraine Wreford in a city cafe.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) has tabled a special report in Parliament that exposes corruption vulnerabilities in Victoria’s planning decision-making processes at both state and local government levels. IBAC’s Operation Sandon investigated allegations of corrupt conduct involving councillors and property developers in the City of Casey (Casey Council) in Melbourne’sRead More →