migration in covid-19

Morrison scouts Role of Migration in COVID-19 aftermath Recovery Process  Universities reeling under est. $16 billion loss by 2023; Victoria may NOT Pay for mandatory hotel quarantine for International Students Melbourne, June 3: Australia’s universities could lose $16 billion in revenue between now and 2023 according to new modelling byRead More →

Bangladeshis suppliers bullied

Bangladeshi suppliers bullied for discounts by Aussie companies amid COVID-19 pandemic Melbourne, May 13: Many Australian retailers have been exposed again for “unsavoury” behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tactics of ‘asking for discounts’ and ‘pushing back orders’ with suppliers in Bangladesh and other struggling countries are being used by retailersRead More →

Air India evacuation flight

Air India flights from May 21 will bring relief for Indian nationals in Australia Melbourne, May 8: Seven Air India evacuation flights will fly from Melbourne and Sydney into 6 Indian cities, according to confirmed sources. Three flights from Sydney and four from Melbourne will all include stop-overs at Delhi, beforeRead More →

1 million Aussies unemployed

As Australia is managing its pugilistic fight with COVID-19 well, the nation’s leaders are starting to look for possible scenarios on the ‘other side’. And hearing Prime Minister Scott Morrison today, the picture is very bleak on the ‘other side’. Mr Morrison says Australia has 1 million unemployed having lost theirRead More →

Property investors are entering ‘unchartered territory’ as they can finally ‘time the market’ to their own benefit. Melbourne, January 7: RiskWise Property Research CEO Doron Peleg described an ‘extremely unusual’ set of circumstances which meant investors could enter the market at just the right time to minimise their risk andRead More →