Sandipan Dhar tragic death - Parents vow to fight for truth

Sandipan Dhar, a toddler from the Australian India community in Perth lost his life on March 24, just before his second birthday. The toddler died at Joondalup Heath Campus in Perth.

Sadly, his parents think, the death was preventable with a simple blood test, they say requested numerous times but now claim that their requests were ignored.

It is heartbreaking to learn that Sandipan died in less than five weeks of taking the regular vaccination on February 19. According to his parents, he developed high fever after the vaccination from which he could not recover as things got worse. As per his parents, they took their son to the GP four times, and the hospital twice in that time.

On March 22, they took Sandipan to Joondalup Health Campus, where they say they spent six hours asking for a blood test but were advised to return home. Two days later, when he began coughing and lost his appetite, they took Sandipan back to the hospital but his condition deteriorated and he died at the hospital a few hours later.

Sandipan’s father says there is a “huge possibility” his son Sandipan Dhar would still be with him today if he had received a blood test during his first visit to Joondalup Health Campus.

What is most concerning is the claim by Sanjoy that despite a referral by a doctor to the Joondalup Health Campus requesting a blood test, the emergency department doctor at the hospital overrode the blood test request.

“I’m telling it very clearly that we requested a blood test minimum three times on that day in hospital,” Sanjoy Dhar has been quoted as saying by the WA Today.

“Even for the sake of argument that we didn’t request, we had a written referral that clearly mentioned a blood test, and they’ve overridden that.”

The Dhars spent five weeks taking their son to the GPs. The father claims he saw three GPs on four occasions and requested for a blood test for his son.  It is a colossal tragedy that their requests were ignored again and again.

The WA Today reports that the Dhars are planning to lodge complaints against various doctors and nurses who allegedly ignored their repeated requests for a blood test which could have saved his life.

“We had seen minimum three GPs on four occasions, so every single person is liable for this” the father is quoted as saying.

Ramsay Health which manages the Joondalup Heath Campus has confirmed there will be both internal and independent investigation into the circumstances leading to the tragic death of toddler Sandipan Dhar.

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