Rahul Gandhi - California US 31-05-2023

Imbecilic Rahul Gandhi has done it again. But this time, has his ‘innocent ignorance’ exposed itself to be authentic, certified, pure deviance?

And that is neither good for the Congress party, nor for its nationalist, committed, grassroots members who work very hard hoping to see their party in power one day.

If the level of dialogue of the Congress leader – Rahul Gandhi is something to judge his party’s potential electoral success in the future, soon his ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’ will have a long ‘snail-like queue’ of a mighty number of three customers – his mum Sonia Gandhi, sister Priyanka Gandhi and brother-in-law Robert Vadra.

Coming from a family of die-hard Congress loyalists, I had been hoping that his idiosyncrasies would cease well in time before the 2024 electioneering kicks in. Not only has he shown an intellect of a teenager who loves to see himself being pampered, lives in a self-created ‘cocoon’. Sadly, he suffers from self-inflicted arrogance, anointed by the family to carry a conviction that he is born to rule – no matter what.

For all his previous utterances, I thought he was a victim of a team of churlish speech writers. I could be forgiven to think that, after humiliations descending their way regularly, they would go back to the drawing boards to ‘review’ what they wrote and what he delivered. Because, each time their spokespersons – the intolerable shriek Supriya Shreenate, the ever ‘paokda frying simile epitome’ Alok Sharma and others – come to defend the indefensible stuff-ups, the results electorally have been nothing short of disaster.

They cite Himachal and Karnataka as evidence of their resurgence. They cannot be more wrong.

Himachal election result is a story of the ‘old pension scheme’ (OPS) –committed by the Congress party. I have spoken to people on ground and they cited the OPS as the singular reason for them voting for Congress in Himachal.

In Karnataka, the Congress practically stole the Aam Aadmi Party’s election manifesto and their freebies won them the government.

Both Himachal and Karnataka have never given any party two terms to rule. That is a factor which played in Congress’s favour.

If rallying and heavy electioneering parading all your big guns was going to win votes, then the BJP with its star campaigner – PM Narendra Modi should have won (in both Himachal and Karnataka) hands down.

It is a pity that the Karnataka win – has been misread by not only the many fractured Opposition parties but also by the Rahul Gandhi and his coterie of close confidants.

That is the only way one can explain Rahul Gandhi – not only ridiculing the opening of the new parliament (he labels as a camouflage to avoid the ‘real issues’, but also the Indian culture and heritage in particularly disrespecting and ridiculing PM doing ‘dandwat pranaam’ to the ‘Sengol’ which was criminally labeled by his great grandpa as his ‘walking stick’.

And his selection of language which by no stretch of imagination can be labeled as accidental – calling Narendra Modi – “one such specimen” – “namoona”.

Speaking at an event named the ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’ organised by Indian Overseas Congress, USA, in Santa Clara in the US state of California Rahul Gandhi said:

“The world is too big and complicated for any person to know everything. That is the disease…There is a group of people in India who are absolutely convinced they know everything. They think they know even more than God.

“They can sit with God and explain to him what’s going on. And of course, our prime minister is one such specimen. If you make Modiji sit with God, he will explain to God how the universe works and God will get confused about what He has created,” he said.

One can clearly make out from the audio that his Indian-American supporters could not deliver a really heartfelt, thunderous laughter; if anything, only some of them half-heartedly produced a ‘muffled laughter’.

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He was also hackled by Khalistani supporters who chanted “waapas jao” and told him to go back to India.

Another blow he inflicted on himself – scoring THE SELF-GOAL’ of the US tour – when he compared the state of a particular minority to that of the Dalits in the 1980s, leaving his own party spokespersons speechless and clueless because at the time the governments both in the center and relevant states were only headed by his own Congress party.

Why he is what he is today is explained by another tweet by a Congress party’ Telangana State Convenor – Shweta Soni, who to bolster Rahul Gandhi’s stupid comment of ‘Specimen’ tweeted:

As an expatriate Indian who feels for India, I would like the country to have a strong and meaningful Opposition and not see India reduced to a mono-party fiefdom of the few. But there is no real political leader to rise up to the challenge. Other than Rahul Gandhi in the Congress party, other leaders from other parties – in many ways are those who have had a go at their national ambitions and aspirations and failed.

But the problem with Rahul Gandhi is that he does not possess (he never has shown) any willingness to learn from his mistakes. He makes fun of others to think they know everything; if only he looked in the mirror.

In my considered view Rahul Gandhi needs professional, perhaps even psychological and psychiatric help if he is really dreaming of leading India one day. He needs some serious training to learn to speak publicly without sounding supercilious and at times, himself dismissive of things he says. Stretching a long bow, one could be forgiven if he were to assert that – looking at his interactions and utterances, Rahul Gandhi’s mental faculties exhibit serious lack of cogency, coherence and alertness.

Such is his conviction in his blunders and stuff-ups, he even makes clips and tweets those samples of ‘wisdom’, perhaps making things easy for a future diagnosis.

I say this, as the Congressman in me is really compelling me not to apportion any blame to Rahul Gandhi for all he does and says and hoping one day he would come good.

The only other way to explain what he is doing is to conclude he is carrying a ‘Machiavellian’ anti-India, anti-Hindu culture agenda, which I strongly hope is not the case.

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