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Students in Melbourne’s growing inner city are being supported with the education they need, with a new campus to expand Docklands Primary School opening in coming months.

Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins today announced that Docklands Primary School has secured a nearby site to become a second temporary campus for the next five years, supporting rapid growth across the area and providing local kids and families with new facilities.

Situated within District Docklands just 200 metres from the school’s existing site, the new campus will open in the second half of 2023 to provide essential capacity for the school as the Docklands and Fishermans Bend continues to grow.

“Every Victorian family deserves access to a great education close to home, that’s why we’re expanding Docklands Primary School – ensuring local kids have access to the fantastic education they deserve,” Minister for Education Natalie Hutchins said.

The Andrews Labor Government is continuing to support the growing inner south with extra capacity delivered at nearby primary schools like Port Melbourne Primary School and new schools at South Melbourne Primary School in 2018 and South Melbourne Park Primary School in 2022.

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A new primary school at Fishermans Bend is set to open in 2026, while a new campus of North Melbourne Primary School will also open in mid-2023 to support students in the inner city.

The first urban school to cater specifically to the needs of Docklands families, Docklands Primary School was opened in 2021. Since then, the Department has identified a need to boost capacity for up to 225 new students by 2028.

“This brand-new campus has been designed and delivered in close consultation with the school leadership team, ensuring it delivers the same strong learning outcomes experienced on the main campus,” Minister Hutchins added.

Unlike its suburban and regional counterparts, Docklands Primary School’s urban setting means space for temporary buildings which can cater to fluctuations in demand is unavailable, resulting in the need for a second campus to support growth.

The Labor Government has invested $978 million in acquiring land for new schools since 2018, including those set to open in 2025 – and a further $25 million in planning funding to deliver the remaining 25 schools, including those in the Fishermans Bend local area.

Delivery of 100 new schools by 2026 is ahead of schedule, with 75 new schools opening between 2019 and 2024 – ensuring every student can access a great local school and a quality education no matter where they live.

The Labor Government is getting on with delivering the Education State and ensuring all Victorian students have access to modern, top-class facilities that are close to home.

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