Khalistan Referendum in Brisbane 19 March

After the debatable success of Melbourne referendum on January 29, the scheduled Khalistan Referendum in Brisbane went ahead on Sunday, 19 March only meeting with a meagre success.

The numbers quoted is 11,000 by the Pakistan based media as against the numbers of 50,000 plus in Melbourne.

While in India, the authorities – Punjab Police and central agencies swooped on the separatist leader Amritpal Singh and his associates. Conducting concurrent raids throughout the state of Punjab, Punjab Police claimed to have arrested 78 associates of Amritpal Singh, who himself is absconding.

This news sent a dampening message to the supporters of Amritpal Singh and pro-Khalistani elements all over the world.

In London, pro-Khalistani supporters removed the Indian flag from the Indian High Commission building and were stopped just in time before putting up the Khalistani flag in its place. Check the video here.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Indian Consulate in Brisbane was attacked by Khalistani supporters. They had chanted anti-Hindu slogans outside the consulate. There were reports that the consulate was forced to temporarily closed for safety reasons and after the Queensland police attended, normal operations were restored.

Earlier, in February, the Indian flag was disrespected by Khalistani supporters after they removed it overnight and much to the shock of the Honorary Consul for India in Brisbane Archana Singh, when she arrived at the office, the Khalistani flag was in place.

The crowd in Brisbane turned out to be much smaller compared to the one they got in Melbourne. The Australian Hindu Media reported that by 12 PM local time, only several hundred people turned up for the “much-hyped” Brisbane Khalistan Referendum.

If 11,000 or so people attended, the issue cannot be really ignored by the relevant authorities.

The banned Khalistani organisation, Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), is conducting the Referendum in various countries, demanding a so-called separate Sikh nation Khalistan. With no clear plan as to how they will actually – legally achieve a separate state outlined, the much hyped event seems to be more of a fest than a legitimate step towards anything. If at all, it is bringing trouble to the Indian diaspora which is spread all over the world and have lived quite peacefully for many decades.

Also, as India is affirming its position as a global leader, having already become the 5th largest economy with the fastest and highest rate of growth to now head the G-20 economic powerhouses of the world, the SFJ is coming up with various nuisance measures to attract world attention.

The end seems to be nowhere in sight to this issue.

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