COVID-19 booster doses now available in Australia be covidsafe

With the election now out of the way, it is time to concentrate on other important issues facing the state. We have recorded a 3.4 per cent rise in new COVID cases in the past week in Victoria. The state recorded 27,790 total cases in the past seven days.

Hospitalizations in Victoria have also risen substantially in that time.

There is a seven-day rolling average of 682 cases in hospital, a 24 per cent increase on last week.

Twenty-eight of those cases are in the intensive care unit.

Eighty-five Victorians died with the virus in the past week.

In total, 6132 people have died of COVID-19 in Victoria since the pandemic began, and 2.7 million have caught the disease and recovered.

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Some regional areas in Victoria have a higher per capita number of cases. The Bendigo local government area has 500 active cases per 100,000 residents. Benala has 534 cases per 100,000 residents, and Ararat has 607 per 100,000 residents.

These figures only 18 months back would have shut the whole state up with curfews telling us to imprison ourselves inside our homes.

But there is a difference – that is the number of people in the state who are up to date with their vaccination – the only reason we are open today and allowed to go about our daily lives.

The health department is asking for people to get tested for COVID before going to any Christmas parties, with the events known for being potential super-spreaders.

A fair and reasonable advice from the department when it comes to our community. Bharat Times has spoken to our community heroes – who are of the view that – this new and other waves to come in the future – can be defeated if we continue to follow COVIDSafe behaviours. The appeal to the community to continue to observe COVIDSafe behaviours and at the same time getting on with life in the new normal.

You can listen to – broadcaster Harbir Kang, Melbourne’s favourite MS & RJ Vani Pandya, Bollywood Dance Guru Marshie P. Rajakumar and Singer, Songwriter and inspirational speaker Shriram Iyer appealing for COVIDSafe behaviours to continue here.

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