Decision Review System (DRS) technology will be introduced into the KFC Big Bash League and Weber Women’s Big Bash League for the first time this season. Amendments to Playing Conditions for both competitions have been finalised, with the popular Power Surge innovation to be implemented in Weber WBBL|08.

KFC BBL|12 will see the introduction of an innings clock, while the Bash Boost point and X-Factor substitution have been removed.

Decision Review System

The introduction of Decision Review System (DRS) has been welcomed by players and match officials alike, who share a desire for meaningful improvement in decision making and minimal impact on match timings.

The system will be implemented in all KFC BBL|12 matches and the 24 Weber WBBL|08 matches shown on both Seven and Foxtel, including Finals.

The remaining 35 Weber WBBL|08 matches, to be broadcast on Foxtel and cricket.com.au, will be produced via live stream technology which does not currently support DRS. The League will continue to strive towards greater DRS coverage for future WBBL seasons.

The process for reviewing an on-field decision will be:

  • 15 seconds to call for a review
  • One unsuccessful review per innings, per team
  • Reviewing team to keep their one unsuccessful review if the decision results in ‘Umpire’s Call’

Power Surge

Following its successful implementation in the KFC BBL, the Power Surge innovation has been extended to the Weber WBBL from this season.

All matches in both competitions will now feature a four-over Powerplay at the beginning of each innings, with a two-over Power Surge to be called by the batting team between overs 11-20. Only two fielders may be outside the field restriction circle during these times.

Innings Clock

For KFC BBL|12, an innings clock will be introduced, requiring fielding teams to commence the last over inside 79 minutes (plus allowances).

Failure to meet this requirement will result in an in-game penalty, with the fielding team limited to four fielders outside the field restriction circle for the remainder of the innings.

The innings clock will not be implemented in Weber WBBL|08.

Bash Boost and X-Factor

After two years of implementation, both the Bash Boost point and X-Factor substitution have been removed from the KFC BBL Playing Conditions.

Both innovations were introduced following a significant period of research and analysis, with a view to increasing fan engagement and positive play. While there have been no negative outcomes of note, the League feels they have also not achieved the level of positive impact intended.

Teams will now revert to naming a standard playing XI, 12th and substitute fielders, while competition points will be reverted to two for a win, one for a tie or abandoned match and zero for a loss.

Alistair Dobson, Cricket Australia’s General Manager, Big Bash Leagues, said:

“The League is delighted to introduce DRS to every KFC BBL game and the 24 simulcast Weber WBBL games, in line with the very best cricket competitions in the world”, Alistair Dobson, Cricket Australia’s General Manager, Big Bash Leagues, said.

“Implementing DRS has been a challenging task for the BBL, which is the most logistically complex T20 league in the world. That, plus the impact of the pandemic on travel and movement, have meant the technology has not been possible to introduce until this season.

“Additionally, the League is pleased with the outcomes of the wider Playing Conditions review process, with the introduction of the Power Surge to WBBL and the BBL innings clock both major wins for fans.

“We retain a clear desire to innovate and drive our Leagues forward but are also willing to review decisions that have not realised the intended positive impact, such as the Bash Boost point and X-Factor substitution.

“The League thanks Hawk-Eye, Virtual Eye, BBG Sports and our broadcast partners Seven and Foxtel for their work over several years to implement DRS in the Big Bash Leagues. Similarly, we thank members of the Playing Conditions Advisory Committee including the Australian Cricketers’ Association, players, match officials and Cricket Australia representatives for their time and inputs to this process.”

Tickets are now on sale for all Weber WBBL|08 and KFC BBL|12 games. Information is available on the Big Bash website.

The Weber WBBL|08 season begins on Thursday, October 13. Seven will show 24 matches, with all 59 available on Foxtel and Kayo. ABC will provide radio coverage.

The KFC BBL|12 season commences on Tuesday, December 13. Seven will show 45 matches, with all 61 available on Foxtel and Kayo. SEN will provide radio coverage.

Fans are also encouraged to stay up to date with the latest information on the summer of Big Bash including tickets, memberships and news via our Australian Cricket Family.

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