triple zero crisis in Victoria

The Andrews Labor Government’s contempt for the victims of Victoria’s triple zero crisis has deepened, claims the state Opposition.

While the Premier continues to refuse to release the Ashton report into the crisis, his government has now refused to comply with a parliamentary order to produce key documents relating to failures in management of the emergency call system.

The government has told the Legislative Council that it doesn’t have time to comply.

Through a resolution on April 6, the legislative assembly had asked the government to produce relevant documents to the house by April 20.

On April 21, the Acting Attorney General of the state, Natalie Hutchins, member for Sydenham wrote in a letter to the Clerk of the Upper House Andrew Young that the Order did not allow the government sufficient time.

“I refer to the Legislative Council’s resolution of 6 April 2022 requiring the government to produce by 20 April 2022 ‘all final reports or, if a final report is not available, an interim or draft report, for the consultancies commissioned by ESTA since 4 December 2014.

“I am advised that the legislative council’s date for production of the documents does not allow sufficient time for the government to respond to the Council’s resolution. The government is in the process of collating and considering the relevant documents for the purpose of responding to the order. The government will endeavour to provide a final response to the Order as soon as possible.”

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Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy, said this is a government whose arrogance is breathtaking.

“It doesn’t just refuse to release the Ashton report – which the public has the right to access – it now says it’s too busy to comply with a parliamentary resolution to produce documents.”

“This government regards the triple-zero crisis as a political and PR problem.”

“It’s not. It’s a human tragedy that must be fixed.”

“Trying to cover up the crisis shows just how out of touch this Premier is.”

A brief discussion on Channel Nine’s Today.

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier, is demanding the documents be released.

“The families of those who have died deserve better than more secrecy.”

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant – this culture of coverup is simply not acceptable.”

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