Scott Morrison Colour Holi


HOLI 2022

Namaste to all my Indian Australian friends celebrating the Festival of Colours.

Australia is home to people of many diverse faiths who draw great strength and confidence from their beliefs.

We are the most successful multicultural and multi-faith nation on Earth —a beacon that shows what it means to be a liberal, free and democratic people.

This is especially so for Holi – one of the most important and vibrant events for Indian Australians. This ancient Festival of Colours gathers people together for a joyous celebration.

Holi holds even more meaning this year. As we reach the end of a second pandemic year, we can be thankful for the many things that have sustained us — our family, our community, and our faith.

I want to thank the Indian Australian community for the love and care you have shown, not only to your own families, but to all Australians.

Now, after being apart for so long, these celebrations bring us together in a spirit of unity and friendship, and inspiring hope for the future.

Holi Ki Shubh Kaamnayen!

The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister of Australia

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