Firbank Grammar School now offers VCE in Sri Lanka

Firbank Grammar School announced today that it would be the first school to offer the Australian VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) to students in Sri Lanka.

Firbank Grammar School in partnership with the Ladies’ College Institute of Professional Studies, will be working with a dedicated VCE teaching team in Sri Lanka to provide a quality VCE program.

The Australian-first initiative will appeal to international students that want to study the VCE but stay in their home countries. This initiative has become vital to students who may have difficulties travelling due to pandemic restrictions and reduces the cost of overseas boarding. The students can then attain direct entry to an Australian University to continue their studies.

Based in Melbourne’s Bayside area, Firbank Grammar School has three campuses. The girls’ senior and junior schools are in the heart of Brighton (Middle and Outer Crescents), and the co-ed junior campus is in Royal Ave, Sandringham. Both Sandringham and Brighton offer early learning, long daycare programs and kindergarten. The Senior School has a boarding house on campus. Firbank Grammar School School supports students from remote Indigenous communities around Australia through full-time boarding scholarships.

With over 1,200 students and nearly 500 (full-time, part-time, and casual) staff across the three campuses, Firbank Grammar School has provided exceptional education and incredible opportunities to students for over a century.

The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) provides the VCE curriculum and certification has been approved and monitored by the VCAA the same as any domestically delivered program via the Firbank Grammar School teachers working in Sri Lanka.

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The leading independent school in Melbourne’s beautiful bayside has extensive experience in international education, successfully working with ten partner schools in China and Vietnam.

Wendy Grant, Head of International Operations at Firbank Grammar School, says that Firbank Grammar School wants all its students, domestic and international, to see themselves as part of the global community.

“When they set their sights on success, they make a difference not only in their own countries but across many countries. The relationships that students develop internationally, we believe, will assist this and help build a collaborative, cooperative global village into the future.”

“The global pandemic has had a significant impact on education, and it is excellent that we can offer the VCE worldwide to bring us closer together in a world that sometimes seems to be conspiring to keep us apart”.

The school is proud to be a leading independent school with a strong connection to St Andrew’s Anglican Church.  Firbank students embody the motto, ‘Vincit qui se vincit,’ or ‘One conquers who conquers oneself.’

Anyone interested in recommending the study option or applying for themselves should contact Firbank Grammar School on its dedicated website Firbank Grammar School (Sri Lanka).

You can also call the school’s international admissions team on Tel: (03) 95915188. The Sri Lanka operations can also be found on social media at Firbank Sri Lanka | Facebook.

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