Fear of Flying

After almost two years of travel restrictions, people across Australia are being encouraged to overcome the fear of flying which may have developed after being unable to fly for so long.

Car rental and airport transfer experts at StressFreeCarRental.com understand those who haven’t stepped on a plane since the pandemic started, may now be reluctant to do so.

Having a fear of flying is common, but there are no specific reasons for it.

Some people may worry based on things they have seen in the news or they may have a fear of heights in general.

It’s very natural to be afraid of flying anyway, but being restricted to travel means that more people would have developed this worry in the last year or so.

Providing it’s safe to do so, and all while being compliant to the current government guidelines, people should be encouraged to get back out there and travel but we understand that some people may be worried about flying.

Tips on how to overcome the fear of flying:

Identify what you’re afraid of

The first step to helping your fear of flying is identifying what it is that worries you.

A common worry is turbulence, others worry about bad weather whilst flying and some people are simply just afraid of how high up they are in a plane.

Identifying what it is that you are afraid of will help you figure out the next step in how to get over this fear.

Learn more about planes                           

Educating yourself is one of the best ways to calm anxiety.

Learn about how a plane flies and read up on facts about turbulence. If you’re able to understand how planes fly, you’ll see how advanced the technology is to help keep us safe.

Learn about safety measures

Planes are designed with a list of safety measures and it may put you at ease knowing more about them and how they’re meant to help.

This will help you recognise just how well planes are designed to ensure our safety and you may even be surprised with how advanced they are.

Find out what keeps you calm

You may find that you still feel uneasy on a flight and that’s okay. Be prepared before you set off and try to think of things that you can do to keep your mind occupied while you fly.

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Maybe get your head in your favourite book? Or download your favourite comfort film or tv show?

Do whatever it is that brings you comfort and keeps you busy.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a proven way to help calm anxiety by encouraging you to focus on what you’re feeling in the moment. There are several mindfulness apps you can download to listen to meditation whilst on your flight.

Talk to your flight attendants

If you do feel anxious on your flight, try to get it off your chest by chatting to the flight attendants.

They’re so used to flying and they’ll most definitely be able to help calm you down and reassure you there is nothing to be afraid of.

 Talk to a specialist

If you find that your fear has become crippling, the best thing to do is talk to a therapist who has the tools and knowledge to help you work through and overcome your fear.

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