Indian migrants the dominant group

Good news or not so good news! Melbourne will become the biggest city in Australia by 2027, and Indian migrants the biggest group, according to the population projections done by the experts. And

It was the biggest city more than 100 years ago and is set to regain the title leaving Sydney behind just by a notch. Melbourne will have a population of  5.69 million to Sydney’s 5.67 million people.

“Melbourne was not the world’s most liveable city for six years out of a decade for nothing,” said social researcher Mark McCrindle, according to the Herald Sun.

“While it’s lost the glow in lockdowns, and the crown of the CBD and the cultural and artistic and events primacy, obviously that will come back.”

Currently Melbourne has a population of approximately 5.17 million people. That is about 185,000 fewer than Sydney’s population.

Once Melbourne gains the title, its population growth is projected to continue and by June 2030, Melbourne’s population will be 6.045 million while Sydney is projected to be a 5.9 million city.

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According to the projections by the Australian Government Centre for Population, other major cities will look like this (below) in 2027:

  • Brisbane: 2.79 million
  • Perth:2.3 million
  • Adelaide: 1.43 million
  • Canberra (ACT): 452,000
  • Hobart: 257,700
  • Darwin: 139,600

Melbourne’s growth dominated by Indian migrants.

In 2001, from a small sum total of 30,628 Indian migrants in Victoria, ranked 8th as the source country, below China sitting at number 7 with 36,791 migrants, by 2016 (Census) Indians moved up to number 3 and above China (sitting at number 4).

In 2016, Victoria had 169, 802 Indian migrants behind only England (199,577) and Australians (2,825,984).

In 15 years (2001 – 2016) Indians grew exponentially by a whopping 554% and are still growing, particularly in Melbourne’s West – Werribee, Tarneit, Point Cook and Hoppers Crossing.

According to the report in the Herald Sun, in 2020-21, Victoria was home to 13,258 Indian migrants (topping the list) while the second place – far below that number went to China with only 6,864 migrants.

Clearly, Indian community in Victoria is the biggest migrant group and India is the biggest source country.

And this trend, with international diplomacy and geopolitical considerations pushing China behind India, the trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

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