Quarantine scrapped for international arrivals in NSW

Compliance and restrictions fatigue and economic losses seem to be pushing our politicians to think outside the square and that is exactly the premier of New South Wales (NSW) Dominic Perrottet has done this morning. It is a news which will inject billion tons of oxygen into the deflated spirits of Australians stuck overseas. They, if fully vaccinated, will no longer be required to do any kind of quarantine when arriving into New South Wales. All quarantine will be scrapped for fully vaccinated international arrivals entering New South Wales from November 1, Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced.

“For double-vaccinated people around the world, Sydney, NSW is open for business,” Mr Perrottet said.

“Hotel quarantine, home quarantine is a thing of the past.” 

The announcement is radical step in the overall strategy Australia seems to have chalked out to  manage COVID-19. It steers NSW into a direction leading to its own solitary trajectory in its preparations to welcome overseas visitors.

How will it work for international passenger arriving into Sydney?

To qualify for no quarantine, arrivals from overseas will need to be fully vaccinated with a TGA-approved vaccine, including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

This is a particularly good news for those arriving from India. India’s home produced and widely used vaccine Covishield has recently been recognised by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and thus those currently stuck in India, should they be fully vaccinated with Covishield – should be able to just breeze through into their normal lives when they land in Sydney.

In addition to being fully vaccinated, they will also need to do a PCR COVID-19 test before boarding their flight and will have to show proof of vaccination.

Once approved, they will be free to go about their lives in NSW after arriving without having to spend any time in quarantine.

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There may be some testing requirements that they would need to meet. Advice about testing requirements for passengers on arrival will be provided in the coming days, premier Perrottet said.

Those arriving first will naturally be Australians stick overseas.

“Returning Australians will naturally be the first cab off the rank. That’s clear and that’s important,” Mr Perrottet said.

NSW will also allow fully vaccinated arrivals from other states to go about their lives without any quarantine requirements, a clear sign of opening up for business.

“Whether that’s returning Australians from other states as well, if we can play a role in that, I’m very passionate about doing that” Mr Perrottet added.

BT understands, with the new rules from November 1, even seven days of home quarantine, flagged by Prime Minister Scott Morrison a few weeks ago, won’t be needed.

The decision will save a single traveller about $3000 and a family about $5000.

If you are unvaccinated

Those not fully vaccinated will have to quarantine for two weeks when arriving from overseas. And there will be a cap of 210 unvaccinated people a week to be allowed into NSW.

Now that NSW has scrapped quarantine for the fully vaccinated, it remains to be seen which state or territory will be the next to follow.

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