Take more refugees say Trevor Khan and Lynda Voltz

73 (seventy three) Members of Parliament from across the political divide in the NSW Parliament ( NSW MPs) have joined forces to call on Federal Government to increase the refugee intake from Afghanistan in light of the perilous situation many Afghan’s now find themselves.

The joint statement to Federal Parliament highlights Australia’s “proud history of providing safe haven” to displaced persons and the “urgent need to ensure a co-ordinated international response both for those at great risk who remain within Afghanistan, alongside those who have fled in the face of the Taliban and are now displaced.”

 NSW MPs have been devastated by the events in Afghanistan and the huge human toll it has caused”, Nationals MLC Trevor Khan said.

 “I’m proud to see members of NSW Parliament from right across the political divide support Australia’s Afghan community and displaced people from the region.

 “I implore the Federal Government to step up and lead by increasing our refugee intake from Afghanistan. This is a humanitarian issue, not a political one”, Mr Khan added.

 NSW is now home to a large Afghan community who have been saddened and desperate for family members left behind following the withdrawal of Coalition forces and the resurgence of the Taliban.  The statement calls for the Federal Government to consider the commitment of other coalition partners such as Canada and Great Britain who have each committed to take 20,000 refugees and increase our intake above the current 3,000 announced.

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 Australia has a proud history of successful resettlement for displaced people, whether that be after World War II, the Vietnam War or the conflicts in Syria and Iran”, Labor Member for Auburn Lynda Voltz said,

 “It is important, particularly following the withdrawal of Australian Forces that we do all we can to continue to offer protection for the persecuted minorities and women still facing great risk.

 “I proudly represent a strong and vibrant Afghan community in Auburn; I’ve seen the toll this has taken on constituents in my area and urge the Federal Government to take up the call in the Joint Statement to increase the intake and provide certainty” Ms Voltz further said.

The statement has been signed by Members of Parliament from across the political divide including members of the Liberal Party; Nationals; Australian Labor Party; Greens; Shooters, Fishers and Farmers; Christian Democrats and a number of independents.  It is representative of the broad support in the community for the plight of the Afghan people and our responsibilities as part of the Coalition Forces.

These 73 NSW MPs believe it was an important signal to Federal Parliament that NSW stands ready to support Australian Afghans and their families.

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