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Today is the start of Term 4 in Victoria. Schools have reopened after break and not all school children in Victoria are allowed back from today. Here is how children will be allowed back in a staggered way to recommence face-to-face learning after the reopening of Victorian schools:

Children going back to school today

In region Victoria, all prep-year 2 and Year 12 students come back full time. Others return throughout October as below:

  • Year 11 from October 6
  • Commencing October 11
    • Years 3-4 and 8-9 on Tuesday-Wednesday.
    • Years 5-6 and 10 on Thursday-Friday.
    • Year 7 every day.
  • All students in all years will return to school full time from October 26.

In Melbourne Metro, return is a bit cautious and slower as below:

  • Year 12 from October 6
  • Commencing October 18
    • Prep on Monday-Wednesday
    • Years 1-2 on Thursday-Friday
  • Commencing October 26
    • Years 3-4 and 8-9 on Tuesday-Wednesday,
    • Years 5-6 and 10 on Thursday-Friday.
    • Year 7 and 11 every day.
  • All students in all years return to school full time from November 5.

“With lower case numbers and excellent vaccination rates, we’re looking forward to getting regional students back in the classroom as soon as possible in Term Four – but we need all school communities to stay vigilant and follow the COVIDSafe plans to protect these freedoms”, Minister for Education James Merlino said.

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No lost on the metro students, Mr Merlino assured support for every Victorian child saying:

“Now we’re ready to get all students back to school safely, we’ll make sure every single Victorian child gets the support they need – whether that’s with their schoolwork or their wellbeing.”

The government is taking no chances. Victorian schools are being prepared to remain open in the new normal post pandemic. Many Covid-19 safety measures are being put in place with more than 50,000 air purifiers being installed in all government and low-fee non-government schools.

This is to deal with potentially infectious or contaminated airflows.

Victorian schools will be expected to put in place other measures to deal with and operate in the new post pandemic normal. Those measures, among other things will include:

  • Staggered pick-up and drop-off times,
  • QR code check-ins for any essential visitors, and
  • Maximum physical distancing possible in classrooms.

By November 29, all staff in schools and early childhood services will be required to be fully vaccinated.

It is hoped this staggered reopening of Victorian schools will be the last of the type and life will fall back to some sort of normalcy post vaccination in the new normal.

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