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Sasti Kangana retorts back, without impact

Rangoli Chandel does not mince words when it comes to expressing her opinion on anything. But when it is one of those in her target who have been vocal against Kangana Ranaut (Rangoli’s sister), it is quite a game. And this time, it is Taapsee Pannu who has had many brushes with the two sisters and in public.

AditiRaoHydari by Rangoli Chandel
AditiRaoHydari by Rangoli Chandel

It is hardly surprising Rangoli has called watching Taapsee in Haseen Dillruba as “torture”.

And with a dexterous stroke of wit and acerbic humor she even nominated Aditi Rao Hydari as the actress who deserved to be the choice of casting director instead of “uncle” Taapsee.

Rangoli has no doubt Aditi would have been the ‘right casting’ for Taapsee Pannu’s Haseen Dillruba. How she reached that conclusion is anybody’s guess.

Writing on Instagram Stories and sharing a picture of Aditi, Rangoli wrote, “I really don’t get why beautiful talented actresses like Aditi don’t get films like Haseena Dilruba, she would have been perfect in a role of modern yet vulnerable housewife who is desperate for love, who is beautiful yet complex, feminine yet fragile… why Tapasee uncle?? she looked too athletic and strong for that role … why this Kangana hangover yaar… please there can be only one Kangana and can’t be a sasti Kangana for sure, please look at other talents,also, don’t ruin films with wrong casting yaar.”

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Rangoli dared producers and casting directors in Bollywood saying “I want to see her as Rani in Haseena Dilruba and not some uncle please. Spare me the torture.”

Rangoli even commented on the reviews received by Haseen Dillruba.

“Mafia created fraud is being exposed but only in hush-hush whispers no one is openly saying it, so I decided to do the deed, a single tone actor who has absolutely no screen presence no range no real persona or screen presence, is being pitted against one of the greatest actors Indian cinema ever saw … not only she openly mimics and copies Kangana but also calls her irrelevant and double filter, aaj isko bhi critics ne nanga kar diya. Ye gubbara bhi footna hi tha, foot gaya (the critics have shown her the truth. This balloon had to burst someday and it did),” she wrote and tagged Taapsee in the post.

Tapsee is a close friend of many in Bollywood who have had skirmishes with Kangana camp and this public mudslinging is nothing new or unexpected.

Haseen Dillruba stars Taapsee Pannu in the lead with Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. It is written by Kanika Dhillon and directed by Vinil Matthew.

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