VMC urges use of QR code at community functions

Victorian Multicultural Commission is encouraging all event organisers and faith leaders in the multicultural community to ensure they provide QR code check-ins at their venues, and ask their visitors to complete check-in, ahead of the amnesty deadline tomorrow, Friday 23rd April. 

“”The QR code is a simple but critical tool in keeping our multicultural events and gatherings safe by helping us trace COVID-19 before it takes hold in our communities”, Vivienne Nguyen, Chairperson for the Victorian Multicultural Commission said.

The Victorian government has provided updated guidelines on which venues require a QR code check-in. These include community venues and places of worship, such as cultural celebrations, faith services and ceremonial gatherings.

Information in 18 different languages has been developed to help explain the code requirements to Victoria’s diverse communities, including these new changes.

QR codes help contact tracers to contain COVID-19 outbreaks when they happen. The information recorded through the QR code is protected and is only used for contact tracing.

Victorians can ensure their venues and facilities are code compliant by using the Victorian Government QR Service, which is free and easy for members of the public to use on any smartphone device.

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Commission Chair Vivienne Nguyen thanks community leaders and event organisers across Victoria that are already using it for check-in at their venues and events. She also asks for everyone to do their part by checking in, to protect each other’s health and keep our doors open.

“I commend all community leaders and event organisers who are working hard to ensure their venues are COVID-safe.” 

“Along with physical distancing and mask wearing when required, using a QR code for check-in at your gatherings is a simple way to prevent further outbreaks in our communities” Ms Nguyen further said.

You can find out more about the Victorian QR Service here.

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