sugandha mishra engaged to Sanket Bhosale

Singer / comedian Sugandha Mishra who had been dating her co-star (of many gigs) Sanket Bhosale (aka Sanjay Dutt), has announced (on Instagram, where else?) that they are now engaged.

Sugandha Mishra shared a photo of herself and and wrote: “Forever” with a ring and a heart icon. The comedian also added hashtags like #love #life #soulmate #gettingmarried #hitched #forever #blessed and #powecouple.

Sanket’s post in response read: “Found my Sunshine.”

In 2017, although everyone knew they were dating and could get married soon, Sugandha Mishra had denied the reports and called Sanket her “good friend.” After the news spread, Sugandha took pains to refute it.

“My mom doesn’t stay with me and she called me up to clarify the same. She knows Sanket and was shocked to hear that I have decided to get married without even informing her. But everything is cool at home now. I made her understand that this is a false news and we had a great laugh over it. I think the report is a bad joke and lacks content. It’s a very bad thing that people cook up a story and don’t even clarify before publishing it,” she had told The Times Of India in 2017.

“I don’t know where this news is coming from. Whoever has written this has not tried calling anyone of us. We are just good friends and we are not getting married. I think this story is a figment of someone’s imagination”, Sanket had also told The Times Of India, substantiating Sugandha’s position.

Now having groped in the darkness for four years or so, he has finally found “his sunshine” in the “good friend” Sugandha.

She took her time to glow, it seems or Sanket took years to open his eyes to see her to find her.

Sugandha and Sanket have done a lot of work together and command a lot of respect from the audiences for their comedy which generally is intelleigent and pithy.

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