kew crash truckie Mohinder Singh Bajwa

In April 2020 truckie Mohinder Singh, an Indian Australia drove into and killed four Victoria police personnel who were checking on a Porsche driver Richard Pusey in the emergency lane of the Eastern Freeway. It was alleged that his truck veered into the lane at 149KMP killing Leading Senior Constable Lynnette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King and constables Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney while impounding a Porsche.

Mohinder was quoted “seeing witches” around and before the accident happened.  A witness had also told police that Mohinder had not slept for eight days prior to the accident.

Since, he has pleaded guilty to culpable driving causing deaths.

In court today, he came face to face with the families of his victims.

Sharron Mackenzie, wife of Kevin King, one of the four officers, wept as she told Victoria’s Supreme Court Kevin was her soulmate, best friend and a devoted father of three sons.

“I’m here today a broken person,”  Sharron MacKenzie said.

“I still feel the devastation and absolute heartbreak when I told my children their father and hero would not be coming home and that he’d lost his life in such a horrific and senseless way.

“For the first time in my life I understood the feeling of choking pain – deep and utter despair.”

She said her life had now been reduced to an “ocean of tears and sleepless nights”.

Stuart Schulze, husband of Lynette Taylor said he and Ms Taylor were inseparable.

“I’ll never forget the dreadful spectre of three uniformed figures at my door,” Mr Schulze said.

“I have moved now to a long, cold autumn.”

Singh faced court in person for the pre-sentence hearing expected to last two days.

According to The New Daily, court documents showed a witness told police Mohinder had not slept for eight days prior to the horror crash.  He had also been saying he was being chased by witches.

“He was saying witches are coming and we have to leave,” the witness told police.

“I had never seen anyone as drug f***ed in my life. He hadn’t slept for eight days.”

Truckie Mohinder Singh had repeated his fears to police after the crash.

“I was tired, couldn’t sleep (because) I was seeing that witch, that witch … put a spell on me and I couldn’t sleep at all,” he told officers.

It is alleged truckie Mohinder  Singh had been engaged in a “sustained period of extensive drug use and trafficking”. He had had limited sleep which resulted in extreme fatigue leading to mental impairment.

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