Unfinished - Memoirs of Priyanka Chopra explain her act

Priyanka Chopra is selling her memoirs titled “Unfinished” which seems to be full of titillating concoctions of her take on things including things that went wrong in her pursuit of life. Apparently, she has had the benefit of mulling over her ‘slips’ and has come up with answer to things people criticized as and when they happened, including the way she acted at certain times or the way she clad herself while in public. One such famous mighty slip was her very short dress she wore when she met Prime  Minister Narindra Modi in May 2017.

On that occasion, she was not only wearing a very short dress, but she sat with Prime Minister Modi in a style and posture which would be deemed “un-Indian” and disrespectful for an “Indian” lady of elegance.

Priyanka remembers that incident pretty well and the way she was trolled on social media. She deals with it in her own style in the book. To the West, she offers titillating account of placing herself as someone as big as Modi and gives herself self-importance the way a delusional mind would do.

Yes, you read it right, I do think she is delusional in her account and explanation of that incident, at least for thinking of herself as some international stateswoman and not Priyanka Chopra. I explain below why.

The whole thing became possible only when Priyanka became aware that the visiting Indian PM was staying at the same hotel where she was, promoting her then movie ‘Baywatch’. Priyanka candidly admits – it was her who requested to meet the Indian Prime Minister. The meeting took place only after the team of the Indian Prime Minister gracefully agreed to find a spare few moments of PM’s busy schedule.

And when the PM’s team made those few moments available to accommodate her request, she went to see him in the dress she was wearing to promote her movie. In other words, she made the request to meet the PM, but did not have the time to change into a dress which would more suit the occasion. – Busy star, people only got to know after she married Jonas and made friends with Meghan Markle.

Even if one was to accept that she was really hard pressed for time to meet the PM, what about the way she sat? She neither showed respect, nor gravity meeting the PM. Rather she thought she had ‘one – up’ on others and had achieved a milestone for herself.

And it was almost a year and half before she got married.

In Unfinished she writes, “The prime minister and I happened to be staying at the same hotel, and I contacted his office to request an audience with him.”

Priyanka, her American publicist and her brother spent a few minutes with Modi, took pictures of the meeting and shared them online. In the book she says ‘she had been wearing a dress since she had been promoting Baywatch’.

Obviously, this explanation – is a considered response to her foolishness at the time. Her explanation is as credible as her answer to the question at the Miss World pageant in 2000 when she was asked to name a living legend that inspired her and she named – Mother Teresa who had died in 1997.

Who do you consider to be the most successful woman living in the world today?

And Priyanka Chopra’s answer was: Mother Teresa

And yet she won.

Then they say pageants are not rigged.

It gets better when you remember her response at the time. In the evening, she took pictures of herself and her mum in ‘shorts’ and put as her response to the trolls captioning – ‘it runs in the family’.

In her book Unfinished, she says she was “angry and confused” by the reaction.

“My response to the anger was to take a picture of my mom and me out at dinner that night in our short skirts and with our legs crossed, and post it online with the caption ‘it runs in the family’. But all joking aside, I felt that I had presented myself respectfully.”

She confirms my thesis of this made-up afterthought explanation in the last line above when she says “all joking apart, I felt that I had presented myself respectfully”.

If she had, in her memoirs Unfinished, she would not label her won response at the time – “runs in the family” a joke.

Good luck Priyanka to finish the Unfinshed business as we all look forward to your next venture!

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