Tiranga Yatra at VIC Parliament- illustration

In India, on January 26 violence broke out in Delhi and Red Fort and some miscreants vandalised the building and attacked Delhi police who were ordered not to use force or fire at the protestors. More than 300 police men were injured while tragically a protestor lost his life when tractor overturned.

According to the authorities, some miscreants pretending to protest for farmers, disrespected the Indian flag while putting up other flags including flags which looked like a Khalistani flag.

On Sunday January 31 Melbourne’s local Indian community organised a Tiranga Yatra in Melbourne vowed to stand for united India and the honour of Tiranga – the national tricolour flag of India.

This was done as part of the #NationalistCollective movement which was launched by Arnab Goswami on Republic TV exhorting all Indians living anywhere in the world to come forward and support India as a country, as a nation.

Various community members expressed their patriotic feelings and demonstrated their love for the Tiranga. The objective of this rally was to highlight that no one is above the Tiranga.

“Not political, not religious but the National flag is a different feel altogether. It is the notion of the motherland and the pride in each and every soldier of forces protecting us”, says one of the organizers of the rally Amit Singh Jadaun, who is also secretary of Federation of Indian Communities of Victoria (FICV).

On January 26, Amit Jadaun posted on his FB:

If you keep a snake in your sleeve, it will bite you someday. Right today!

Then on January 29, the rally was announced by Amit Jadaun posting on his FB page:



Please join us to show your support and solidarity for The Indian Tricolor.

“TIRANGA YATRA 2021” has been planned for Sunday 31st Jan 2021 at 10am.

To register and participate please contact via PM. Verification and ID process in place due to Covid regulations.

For updates, RSVP to the FB event here https://fb.me/e/1bwQoMTqK

Share and invite with other like-minded friends for a superhit participation.

Others who also contributed to this Tiranga Yatra were Dr. Mohit R Pandit, Kushagra Bhatnagar, Sreepal Reddy Bokka, Finny Mathew, Sravan Theerthala, Mahesh Baddam and many more.

Chanting slogans of “Bharat mata ki Jai”,  and supporting India and Tiranga a large number of Victorian Indians took time off their busy Sunday and participated in the rally.

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