Deep Sidhu hands over Kesari flag to unfurl at Red Fort

When a month ago, one of the farmer leaders had termed Deep Sidhu and gangster-turned-activist Lakha Sidhana as “enemies of this struggle”. There were not many buyers. Today, at Delhi’s Red Fort, amid slogans of ‘Raj karega Khalsa’, actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu handed over a ‘kesri’ flag to a man to hoist on the ramparts of the Red Ford – completely denigrating the Indian nationalist sentiment according to the nationalist Indians like Major General GD Bakshi among others.

Sidhu who has been attempting to assume leadership of the farmers’ agitation in some form or the other, seems to be on the back foot fearing repercussions of the role he allegedly played in the Red Fort ‘desecration’.

On his Facebook page, Sidhu has uploaded videos – explaining his role, pleading with the government authorities through his viewers – not to read anything ‘Khalistani’ in him handing over the Kesari flag which was unfurled along with a Kisan union flag. Taking pains to distance himself from any anti-India groups without mentioning Khalistan, Sidhu explains his actions as – expression of anger of an ‘oppressed’ citizen of India. He says putting up the Kesari flag is merely a visual of India’s ‘unity in diversity’ and pleads it should not be read as anti-India in any way.

Not buying his explanation were many comments on those videos telling him to leave the protesting farmers alone, asking him to leave the protest.

Facebook user Gill Baljeet, who studied at Panjab University and lives in Montreal (Quebec) Canada wrote:

  • My friend if this agitation failed, u are the main person behind the whole drama, history will never forget you,older leader was right about you, your body language shows everything. Shame on you

The comment had 358 thumbs up emojis and 8 love hearts.

Another Facebook user Deepjot Kour from Jammu (now) living in Copenhagen Denmark wrote:

  • You please leave. I am so angry right now. Already media is not covering the protest and you moreover give them more news. Pls chk the news now.

The comment had 178 thumbs up emojis.

Deepjot Kour continued  ·

  • You just spoil the protest, just because of you media is showing the shit.

The comment had 172 thumbs up emojis.

Deepjot Kour:

  • Ball was in our court, just because of you we will lost it.

The comment had 74 thumbs up emojis.

Deepjot Kour

  • I don’t want to say this here but seriously shame on you

This comment received 90 thumbs up emopjis.

Navdeep Singh from Batala wrote:

  • We are fighting for farmers not for any religion . You made this agitation religious.

Navdeep’ comment received 89 thumbs up emopjis.

Inderpreet Kaur Bath

  • U spoiled the movement…sit back n rethink…u did the worst thing today

This comment received 182 thumbs up emopjis.

Darshanjit Singh commented:

  • It’s bad deep sidhu….we never expected this from you. you distroy the sangarsh and so many things , which will reflect in future.

His comment received 159 thumbs up emojis.

Film star turned politician Sunny Deol, who brought Deep Sidhu to fame during his election, (Deep Sidhu was working for the BJP at the time), once again emphasized he has nothing to do with Deep Sidhu.

Soon as Sidhu retreated from Red Fort, it seems he realised that the implications could be grave and thus his videos trying to explain his actions.

A video has emerged showing angry farmers chasing Deep Sidhu who manages to run away on a motorbike kept ready for him.

There are allegations that the Indian flag was disrespected.

Sidhu may have involved himself into many things but if authorities find him – in any way – in disrespecting the  Indian National Flag, he may be looking at some serious jail time up to three years, or with fine, or with both.

Majority view seems to suggest his actions will damage farmers’ cause – which is not going to be good for farmers.

Media reports suggest, once the leaders who had struck a deal with the Delhi Police and obtained the permission to stage the tractor rally – on three designated routes and the agreed distances to travel – with 37 dos and don’ts of the proposed rally, Sidhu and his people took over the main stage at Singhu border and announced they would hold the march “inside Delhi”. They clearly opposed the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee in favour of sticking to the original plan of holding the parade on the Outer Ring Road and declared they would not follow the agreed route.

According to a report in the The Tribune, they also had support from certain extreme Left-leaning elements among the 32 organisations in the plan for not following the agreed upon route. They had a plan ready by Tuesday morning. First, they started a march of their own much before the official march of the farmer unions, and positioned their ‘henchmen’ in large numbers at a road turning towards central Delhi. From there they directed other tractors towards the Red Fort instead of the agreed route. At one point of time, volunteers of farmer unions tried to intervene in this, but they were outnumbered by the Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana group.

Since the start of the agitation, there had been concerns among farmers’ leaders that Sidhu and Lakha Sidhan were pushing the “struggle” towards a communal path.

Sadly a young man died when his tractor overturned doing stunts.

More to come.

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