Facebook post shocks Indian Australians

Dogs and Modi bhagats have been clubbed together. It all started when a Facebook user Bharti Kundal posted in Indians in Melbourne Official group about a post she had seen on another group with the name ‘Indians and Adelaide Job/Help/News’. That post in turn had been posted by someone with the name of Satnam S. Singh. The post said:

“Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa” modi and bhagats shouldn’t be allowed in gurudwaras – yes or no

The post showed a photo of a sign saying: “Dogs and Modi bhagats are not allowed”.

Bharti Kundal posted linking the post and imageof the post with the comment: “Kitna Racism hai Bhagwan and three crying emojis.

Bharti Kundal

1t5Sgponshogmresd  ·

Kitna Racism hai Bhagwan 

That triggered quite a conversation. Most criticized the FB user Satnam S. Singh for posting and expressed their disapproval of any such attempts to create disharmony in the community while others went on to check the profile of Satnam S. Singh on Facebook.

And some questioned poor Bharti Kundal’s action.

Bharti asked them to go and check with the admin of that group where the picture and message was posted. She hit back with the message: Do you ask everyone who is posting hatred in the name of protests to do that?

Bharti Kundal

People who want to enquirer more should go and check with group admin who has allowed this post and why do you want me to do that ???Do you ask everyone who is posting hatred in the name of protests to do that

And she added that the post was still there in that group, posting along with a screen grab of the same.

Bharti Kundal

The post still exist in that group …jinko research karna hai woh Uske group admin se question Kare humse nahi

Phone Grab of the shocking post
Phone Grab of the shocking post

Puneet Pant, another user checked and confirmed that that was the case.

Then someone criticized user Bharti not fact-checking if the user who posted that was real or fake. He opined this was most probably a fake stuff posted by someone just to create trouble in our community and said that was not what Sikhism was about.

Dawin Dhillon

Don’t be so stupid to post this typa shit without even knowing, whether its fake or real! This is most probably a fake stuff posted by someone just to create chaos among community! So please make sure the truth behind it! This is not sikhism all about!

Others expressed their opinion on the issue different ways. Read  the thread below:

Chaitanya Kiran

I guess sikhs in Australia are losing there years of accumulated respect & pride with comments like this against the people who are not just blindly believing them. There has been increased bullying & bad comments against the members in most of the groups by Sikhs.

Ameet Nandlaskar

Ek modi ke ane se itni pant wet Ho rahi hai! This is only opening batsman! God bless anti nationals when runner up, one down come to bat!

Manish Grover

Seems like fake but if this is true really shameful

Param Chahal

Gurudwaras dont have amazon codes outside it

Karan Sharma

Are u fuckin kidding me, should be ashamed of writing this mate

Akshya Garg

This is a propaganda page who only follows only BJP/ RSS and will never display the other side. They will try to defame anything they believe in. Their posts itself are contradictory. I believe they should not post anything fake if they can’t post truth.

Nav Momi

Nahi yaaar aa kamm galat aa
Gurudwara sahib allows everyone to worship equally
Ye kaam galt hai
Soch sbdi add ae
Ode che rabb de darshan naa krnden che koi changaa kamm nahi aa
Dooja stop comparing modi bhakts to dog
Kutteyaa di bejjati naa kro
Aa gal bardaasht toh bhaar aa

Davinder Singh Dhaliwal

Rohit Saini  comments pdh bhai …fir mujhe IQ Guess krke btana kitna hoga 

Sameer-Vijay Satish Argade

When will we learn to coexist in spite of our differences , political ideologies, haven’t our hatred been exploited by politicians already ?

Jasmeet Mohi

Politics and religion should never mix and I feel ashamed that people are forgetting the basic foundation of our religion and that is equality and welcoming everyone. Well I guess someone local should lodge a discrimination complaint against them…

Aashish Dube

These idiots don’t realise ki ab inn ka gurudawara bhi khalistanio ne le liya for their own propaganda against India (sadar 12 baj k Gaye ab to apna dimag use karo)

Partha Mazumdar

Be careful guys. There are lots of fake accounts with Hindu and Sikh names.   They are trying to spread fire. 

Rohini Kaur

Please check the profile from which it has been posted, it’s a fake account


Report his profile, I have already done that… it’s not a Gurudwara picture, zoom the picture and you will see it’s a shop, so a guy using this caption for a random photo like this is bit weird… he has just got one friend and just following one member of this group.

When Bharat Times followed up the FB account of Satnam S. Singh, it had only one friend – Vaishali Mishra who, as per the account is based in Ajmer and the profile is locked. The other noticeable thing in Satnam S. Singh account is the cover photo – updated  on October 27 and has Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale big in the background.

For someone who clubbed dogs and Modi bhagats together, I believe Vipin Yadav has the last word when he says Sikhs won’t do this type of tricks.

Vipin Yadav

Yaha vaise hi 2020 ne Leni Deni kar rkhi Hai , and you guys are wasting time over this fake post. Bhaisaab ne door handle mein paper stick karke pic click kar Li and covered his face in the reflection it’s clear. On top of that it’s not a Gurdwara, grocery store ke shelf Hai on the left. Sikhs won’t do this type of tricks.

The community will be best served not to disparage itself by talking about dogs and Modi Bhagats and keeping the mischief out of their discourse. This is the end of a very difficult year and we should all look forward to having better times ahead in 2021.

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