Divya Bhatnagar dies of COVID-19 complications

TV actress Divya Bhatnagar, 34, of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame, has passed away battling Covid-19. She had been in hospital since November after contracting the virus. She had been struggling with her oxygen levels and was on ventilator for last few days of her life.

Making things worse for Divya is the fact that for whatever reasons, her husband Gagan Singh Gabru, was not with her when she passed away. Divya’s mother alleged that he was avoiding her and suggested he did not want to be with her. Divya’s mother had claimed that her he had ditched her in the hospital and he was absconding.

On the other hand, Gagan claimed that he was not able to enter his own house and Divya’s family who had not bothered to check on her welfare for six long years, have suddenly appeared and taken over his house.

And the actor’s husband Gagan took to his social media handle to share a video saying all the statements made by Divya’s mother about him were false.

In the video recorded while Divya was hospitalized Singh says:

“There is a lot being said about me these days. I am Divya’s husband and my name is Gagan. There’s a lot written about me everywhere that I am a fraud, I am absconding and my mother asked Divya’s mom that if she needs any monetary help she will help her. I just want to tell everyone one thing that all this is rubbish and please don’t believe them. The truth is I was out of Mumbai because of work. I work in production and everyone knows that our profession requires us to travel out a lot, but I and my family were always in touch with Divya. When Divya fell ill and was tested COVID positive I was out because of work. Her friend got her admitted to hospital and contacted her family. She tried to contact me but since I was in no network area she could reach me. She was in regular touch with my mother. Her family reached out to Divya… The things that are being spread about me like I am a fraud, I am not helping her financially, I am absconding are false.”

Gagan further questioned Divya’s mother, “I want to ask Divya’s mother where they were all these six years. Did they ever bother what she is eating, wearing, surviving, living? Now, suddenly they have appeared and they are calling me fraud because they were always against my marriage. People can go and read on the internet last year’s story where it was clearly mentioned that we had got married against our parent’s wishes. We were in a live-in relationship for five years and got married last year…Divya’s mother and brother were never there for her…Today, I am not able to live in my own house. Divya’s mother and brother have forcefully taken my house…”.

Now that Divya is no longer there, tributes have started pouring in from family and friends. Television actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who was a close friend of Divya Bhatnagar, paid a very moving, emotional tribute to her on Instagram.


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“You will be missed & remembered. I love you @divyabhatnagarofficial.

“I know life was tooo hard on you.. the pain is intorelable… but i know today you must be in a better place and free from all the sorrows, pains, sadness, cheats, lies.. I will miss you divu and tu bhi jaanti thi I loved you and cared for you… Badi tu thi par bacchi bhi tu hi thi…God bless your soul. Jahan bhi hai tu abhi bas khush reh.

“Too soon to gone my friend… Om shanti (when nobody was around to help, you would always be there for that person, Divu you were my own, someone who I could scold, get upset with, and confide. I know life was tooo hard on you.. the pain is intorelable… but i know today you must be in a better place and free from all the sorrows, pains, sadness, cheats, lies.. I will miss you divu and you also know how much I loved you and cared for you… You were a grown up yet a child. God bless your soul. May you be happy wherever you are. You will be missed & remembered. I love you).”

Divya’s mother using Divya’s official Instagram account, thanking all family, friends and fans wrote:

Aao chale fir ik nayi UDAAN par jahan SANSKAR ho dharohar apno ki, jis Mein sawaal na ho ki yeh rishta Kya keh lata hai?, sawaarne chale banke sabki Preeto, Jeet gayi toh piya more warrna tera yaar toh hu hi na Main. ❤️
Acting pehle nahi lekin shayad aakhri pyaar toh bana hi liya.
Iss dard bhari ghadi mein aap sab dost,parivar,fans ka bhot shukriya.
(Bas itna hi kehna chahti thi aapki Divya bhatnagar)
(Written and handled by her brother: Dev Bhatnagar)

Apart from “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”, Divya Bhatnagar had also featured in shows like “Tera Yaar Hoon Main”, “Udaan”, “Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre” and “Vish” among others.

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