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  • Did someone say Menulog?

  • Did someone say UberEats?

  • Did someone say Deliveroo?

  • Did someone say Doordash?

Did someone say:

“I don’t give a damn arse, let our hospitality sector die right here in Aussie?”

Yes, you heard it right. That is the actual case of the hospitality sector right now in Australia.

It might seem significant from the outside that these foreign-based giants are helping our local restaurants to get on their platform.

Yet, the harsh reality is that they’re taking away their profits.

A source claimed to us that they charge as high as up to 40% commission on orders. Is there anything left to survive for these restaurant owners/managers?

Another source showed us Tax Invoices from 2016 where he was robbed by one of the Giants, tens of thousands of dollars in commission up to 69%, and still, he had to deliver the food himself or pay drivers up to $14.50 to deliver his restaurant’s food.

During the pandemic everyone, businesses have slowed down, staff has been cut down, operations are stuck, but food delivery giants will not cut down their commission rate.

Restaurant’s hard-earned money is taken away, and they are left with nothing on the plate. When we went to check with some restaurants and look at their conditions, it was quite shuddering for us:

My Cafe was closed during the pandemic and it was very tough for us to operate. During this tough time, UberEats and Menulog reduced the commission only a bit and not much. There’s not much we did rather than being closed. If the government comes up with an app to help us to keep a track of our visitors, it will be great. 

      – Praveen, Director at Nutbug. 

The hospitality sector has been ripped off by these giants in the last 3-4 years.

Speed Food, a Melbournian start-up seems to be providing a solution to these tired restaurant owners. Speed Food during the pandemic, charged zero commission to affected restaurants.

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David Meyer, CEO of Speed Food by i-Pay Australia, made this possible with a solution to support business within the country—an Aussie for an Aussie.

“In six years, the giants have taken over nearly 50% of the sale in commission, which will ultimately drive prices up across the board or end in the closure of small businesses,” he mentioned.

“It is so unfair to see your profits taken away and you cannot do anything. That is where I believe Speed Food stands out from others. We charge zero commissions, and also do FREE promotions of the restaurants,” he added.

(first posted by TonoWilliams on MediaConnections – edited for publication)

i-Pay is a digital payment company headquartered in Melbourne.

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