Maulin Rathod murder chilling details

Bharat Times first reported on this story back in 2018 when 24 years old Maulin Rathod was brutally killed by Jamie Lee Dolheguy, who was only 18 at the time.

The pair had planned to meet for a date through the dating App ‘Plenty of Fish’. On the fateful day when Maulin was on his way to meet Jamie Lee, she was searching Google on tips – how to kill someone or commit murder.

This is how it all happened.

In the early evening on 23 July 2018, Jamie received a message from Maulin on the dating appPlenty of Fish’. After a few messages were exchanged, Jamie arranged to meet Maulin at her home in Sunbury.

This arrangement was made at about 6.55pm.

Maulin messaged that he would be there by 8.15pm, that he would ‘see you soon. Get ready.’

Jamie replied ‘Okay. I’ll put my favourite perfume on’.

It was agreed that he would message you when he arrived.

Jamie’s computer search history revealed that between approximately 7.05pm and 7.08pm she ran the following searches on the internet:

‘im going to kill someone tonight for fun

i’m going to kill someone tonight. Help

i will kill someone tonight

i want to commit murder

Want to commit murder – Queendom’.

Jamie then followed a link to a page containing psychological advice before returning to the search results produced by the term ‘i want to commit murder’, and accessing a site with the title ’10 steps to commit a murder and get away with it’.

At 8.01pm, Jamie messaged Maulin and asked how far away he was. He messaged ‘five minutes’.

Jamie responded ‘Okay, I’m excited. I’m wearing one of my Cosplay outfits because some man like how submissive it looks’.

At 8.07pm, Maulin reached Jamie’s home and she invited him in.

53 minutes later he was dead.

At 9.00pm, Jamie reported to the police that she had killed Maulin Rathod.

The chilling details of last 53 minutes of Maulin’s life

Jamie told the police she knew you would kill Maulin if he came over.

When he arrived she observed his physique for strength and thought he was weak and that strangulation should be quick and easy.

Jamie told Maulin that she liked playing little games and she would like to do a role play of ‘choke’. Poor Maulin, thinking he was able to participate in some kind of sex games said he was happy to learn anything as long as Jamie did not hurt him.

First she sat on his chest and placed a pillow over his face but found he could still breathe.

Jamie removed the pillow and said ‘Well, that’s not gunna work’.

According to court records, Jamie knew Maulin was treating it all as a game.

In order to trick Maulin, who was treating it all a game or play, Jamie then offered to teach Maulin how to do a choke hold on people so that he could ‘do it on people’ if they ever tried to assault him, and he agreed.

He said ‘Okay, just do not hurt me’.

Further fooling innocent Maulin, Jamie said ‘As long as you tap I’ll let go, cause tap is a sign of panic’.

To that Maulin said okay accepting in good faith that this was just a game.

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Fateful ‘choke’ game
Jamie then told Maulin to sit up on the bed and sat behind him. Initially, so that she did not scare him, she left your legs off him and just placed a choke hold on him.

When Maulin felt the choke was getting too tight and started to panic Jamie, in order to make the grip tighter and to fully control Maulin, wrapped her legs around him making sure he could not move.

Maulin tapped a lot and that he kept kicking, and swinging his arms around, but Jamie did not let go. Rather she whispered to Maulin ‘It’ll be okay, it’ll be over’.

Eventually he stopped and was making a ‘weird breathing sound’. And then she wrapped a vibrator cord around his throat and pulled. At this stage, Maulin was lying on his stomach and Jamie was sitting on his back. He was ‘practically almost deadweight’. Eventually he stopped moving.

Jamie wrapped the cord around his throat and tied an extra lacing cord around his throat so he would not wake up.

Jamie then rang the police and told what she had done.

Maulin Rathod died in hospital the following day.

Despite her planning, searches and premeditation to kill, Jamie has not been convicted for murder but only that of manslaughter.  Two experts gave evidence of her difficult upbringing, broken family life, substantial abuse leading to her impulsive state of mind which affected her mental condition at the time of committing the crime. The jury could not agree to the murder charge. The expert evidence helped Jamie’s charge to be downgraded.  She was charged and then convicted and sentenced for manslaughter.

Jamie Lee Dolheguy was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for the manslaughter of Maulin Rathod with a non parole period of five years and six months. That period will include 822 days she has already been in custody and thus will be out in approximately three years and three months.

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