SSR AIIMS report - All in vain?

With the SSR AIIMS report leaked to the media and rumoured to have been submitted to the CBI last week, its reported ‘conclusive’ finding that Sushant died by committing suicide has disturbed many people. Reports also suggest that the board has ruled out a murder angle in the matter.

Dr. Sudhir Gupta, the head of the forensic team, has reportedly confirmed the same although the AIIMS has sought to distance itself from the leaks and has released an official statement putting the controversy to rest saying:

“A medical board was constituted by Dr Sudhir K Gupta, professor and head department of forensic medicine and toxicology AIIMS New Delhi as per request received from CBI for providing expert opinion in the case of death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The medical board has submitted the report directly to CBI as required. Being a legal matter any inputs on the report submitted by the medical board would have to obtained from CBI.”

Republic TV yesterday in their expose on Dr Sudhir Gupta had released audio tapes of Dr Gupta’s conversation with Republic TV’s senior reporter Prakash Singh where Dr Gupta, on the day after the CBI had sent in a request for AIIMS intervention in the case, spoke about the many weaknesses in the insufficient material for the team to go by for any conclusive report on the matter.

This was done to suggest that Dr. Gupta who had earlier pointed out lapses in Mumbai Police’s probe and Cooper Hospital’s doctors’ approach to the death could not arrive at any conclusion to rule out murder or homicide.

Reacting to this allegation, talking to India Today, AIIMS sought to explain explained Dr Gupta’s 180 degree U-Turn saying,

“Dr Sudhir Gupta in his initial statement, which was given (on August 22) before the AIIMS team started their investigation, had expressed concerns of ‘foul play’ in the SSR death investigation.

At that time, when Dr Sudhir Gupta had made the statement, the post-mortem reports were not shared with the AIIMS team.

Dr Sudhir Gupta gave the statement in the last week of August, while the AIIMS team visited Mumbai at the start of the second week of September.

Dr Sudhir Gupta did not visit Mumbai as part of AIIMS panel. The team which accompanied CBI to Mumbai didn’t have Dr Sudhir Gupta as a member.

A team of AIIMS doctors questioned Cooper hospital doctors who conducted Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy and postmortem. Dr Sudhir Gupta was not present when the doctors were questioned by the AIIMS team.”

On Republic TV on Monday night, many supporters of #JusticeForSushant including Rabiya Khan, Jia Khan’s mother, lawyer Ishkaran Bhandari called for an investigation on Dr. Sudhir Gupta over the aforementioned matter.

Meanwhile Ganesh Hiwarkar Sushant’s friend and Ankit Acharya have taken to Twitter to question Dr Sudhir Gupta’s motives. “I want to ask Dr Sudheer Gupta about his “U” Turn on #SSR case,you played with our emotions and truth,If we will not get satisfactory answer from u,we will start the #Satyagrah Movement Nationaly”, Ganesh said on Twitter.

Senior Advocate Vikas Singh, Sushant’s family’s lawyer is visibly upset. He also took to Twitter and said, “Highly perturbed with AIIMS report. Going to request CBI Director to constitute a fresh Forensic team . How could AIIMS team give a conclusive report in the absence of the body,that too on such shoddy post mortem done by Cooper hospital wherein time of death also not mentioned .”

Despite the furore of the SSR AIIMS report, the CBI has cleared its stance stating that the probe into Sushant’s case continues and that they are looking into all angles. But fans of SSR are getting nervous of their hard work of more than four months and the Supreme Court bringing in the CBI is going to end up in vain,. God forbid!


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