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If the news of the AIIMS report concluding that Sushant’s death was by suicide shocked some, equally shocking is the expose the Republic TV has done on the questionable Dr Sudhir Gupta – who is mired in controversies in the past and thus cannot be trusted with his reports for any authenticity.

Republic TV has released an audio recording of an interview with Dr Sudhir Gupta where he had all but ruled out the suicide theory only on August 22 when he spoke to Republic TV’s senior reporter Prakash Singh. The audio tape released by the Republic TVonly shows Dr Gupta doing a complete u-turn which is not surprising given his inglorious past of having (according to an Indian Express report of 2014) in one year – two contradictory AIIMS internal reports rating him ‘very good’ and ‘very poor who is not worth retaining’.

Therefore, the ping pong expertise of Dr Sudhir Gupta which jumps like a jumping jack should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sadly the victims of such a questionable circumstance are genuine, loving and caring fans of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The panel of AIIMS doctors was re-evaluating the late actor’s post-mortem and viscera reports based on the 20% viscera sample available with them. Although there is an unofficial leak, there has not been an official statement either from the AIIMS or the CBI which BT believes has received the report submitted to them by the AIIMS.

Republic Media claims this expose on their networks shreds the lies in the case of the late actor’s death and will silence the ‘suicide theorists’.

According to Republic TV, on August 22, just a day after the AIIMS panel was formed on the recommendation of the CBI, Dr Sudhir Gupta had raised several questions on the Cooper Hospital’s report and had questioned the Mumbai Police in a conversation with Republic’s Prakash Singh.

Talking to Republic TV Dr Sudhir Gupta had made it clear that the “crime scene has not been kept intact” and also alleged there was “contamination of evidence”.

“Why was the autopsy done in such a hurry, was any videography done? There was contamination of evidence and is not suitable for further examination with sanctity. I had never given permission to open Sunanda Pushkar’s room for four years. There was also a case of DK Ravi in Bangalore,” he had said to Republic’s Prakash Singh.

Republic Media Network also has Whatsapp Chats with Dr Sudhir Gupta, from August 11, wherein he had raised questions on forensics. “The panel of five doctors of Cooper conducted autopsy…only one is junior level forensic doctor…rest 4 are just medical officer. The panel must be of forensic specialist as per norms. Who constituted the medical board? What was justification for the medical board…by the police?” were some of the questions asked by Dr Sudhir Gupta then.

Clearly the conversation and the WhatsApp chats bring to light a complete change in stance by Dr Sudhir Gupta. Unless Dr Gupta can explain his change of position in a rational and logical manner, it is an utter tragedy for those who want to keep faith in the justice system. It was Dr Gupta who, upon being handed the case had crticized the contamination of the crime scene and questioned the manner in which the Mumbai Police and the Cooper hospital had handled the case. He had also openly questioned the manner in which the autopsy was conducted and commented on the face – the biggest oversight in an autopsy that there was no time of death recorded in the autopsy report.

There are media houses claiming that according to Dr Sudhir Gupta’s leaked report Sushant’s body had no injury where as the copies of autopsy circulating on the internet do mention injury to his left leg below knee. See the report here.

According to Republic network Dr Gupta was of the view that he had insufficient material conduct an examination that would lyield ‘conclusive findings’ and a ‘100%’ result.

If Dr Sudhir Gupta is now of the considered conclusion that Sushant died by committing suicide, it is completely contradictory to his views on August 22 and he must explain his position now, for the sake of peoples’ faith in justice, if not for fans of SSR. 

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