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Results from a major national research study reveal that demand for travel amongst the Australian Indian community is strong, with 42% of survey respondents likely to go for travel for leisure within 1-3 months of travel restrictions easing.  Furthermore, 100% of respondents are likely to take between 1-3 leisure travel trips within 12-18 months of travel restrictions lifting, and there was a 40% willingness to book a trip within the first 3 months of travel restrictions easing.

Indians are now the third largest migrant group living in Australia with a population of over 660,000 residents of which 592,000 were born in India. So the local Indian market provides huge potential for the Australian travel industry.

Additional findings from the research include:

Short trips most popular
The length of travel periods for leisure travel revealed that almost half the target market population (49%) are likely to book a weekend away and over half (53%) expressed interest in travelling for 3-5 days.

Airbnb and Hotels are preferred Accommodation Options
The accommodation choices that the Indian Domestic Traveller is likely to book once travel restrictions ease are Airbnb (62%) and hotels (50%), followed by staying with family and friends (35%), luxury hotels (21%), Motels (16%) and glamping and camping at 30% combined.

Destination Choices
Queensland was the most popular travel destination amongst survey respondents, with 48% selecting it as their top travel destination. Other key destinations included NSW (45%), VIC (39%), New Zealand (35%) and TAS (29%). On average each respondent chose between 2-3 leisure travel destinations to visit post the easing of travel restrictions.

56% of respondents were also willing to travel within their home states, 44% to neighbouring states, and 42% across Australia.

Family and Friends matter
The number one factor that will influence the destination choice of the Indian domestic traveller will be the recommendations of family and friends according to 51% of survey respondents.

The report, ‘Travel Willingness’ was researched and compiled by Dr Neha Bajaj for Culture Kite. Dr Neha Bajaj has a PhD in Philosophy from RMIT University. Neha’s research interest lies in consumer behaviour and her PhD research focused on understanding the role of networks in the growth of small business within the sharing economy. Some of her other research projects include research studies with VIC Health on household obesity and drinking-related lifestyles, the problems associated with fast fashion, international customer relationship management across cultures, the meaning of cool to consumers and consumer service encounters.

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