Disha Salian Death connects SSR death

When Disha Salian fell to her death on the night between June 8 and June 9 at 1.30AM – falling from her flat in Galaxy apartments in Malad West, there was only on version of her death – suicide. And the news was already wished away in the media and social psyche of Bollywood, India and the world.

Had Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) not died, if he had kept quiet, no one would have bothered checking if there had been any foul play. If Disha was killed, the culprits had gotten away.

It is now being alleged that Disha’s killers also killed Sushant to keep the truth of Disha’s murder hidden. The explanation being given sounds cogent and logical as below:

Disha Salian was invited to an exclusive party in a Juhu Penthouse in Mumbai where she was reluctant to go and finally showed up. The party was attended by two powerful actors, one younger brother of an budding starlet actress, a builder and a young politician from Maharashtra who loves and is very fond of Bollywood, and very close to some of the top names there.

Upon arriving – she was allegedly ‘wronged’  at the party which she fled and called SSR while on her way back to her place in Malad West. She also called ‘100’ for help but to no avail. And her last call – before she was killed was to a friend Ankita in England – which was a video call for 20 minutes or so.

No one ever said Dish’a last call was to ‘100’. But that does not stop Maharashtra police to keep attempting muddying the waters.

It is being alleged that people from the Juhu Penthouse party or hit men ordered by them or on their behalf – followed her to her Malad West residence where she was killed.

A Facebook post – naming everyone – the politician, the actors – attending that Juhu Penthouse party – of which Bharat Times has a copy- also alleged that Sandeep Singh – the friend of SSR, being at the party. It is the same Sandeep Singh who has been questioned by the CBI.

According to some media reports (including Republic TV) SSR wanted to go public with the assault on Disha. And he shared this with Rhea Chakraborty and Sandeep Singh.

When the news of Disha’s death reached SSR – he fainted. According to Siddharth Pithani’s testimony – when he recovered – he wanted to increase his security as he thought – ‘they would not spare him, they would come and get him’. And they did.

It is also claimed in the media reports Rohan Rai – Disha Salian’s finance and live in partner – did not arrive at the scene Disha’s fall for at least 25 minutes. The question is why?

And now BJP MLA in Maharashtra assembly – Nitesh Rane has claimed that Rohan Rai knows who killed Disha and Rohan Rai feared for his own life. Rane claims Rohan had told that to Rane a few days after Disha’s death.

Rohan Rai has gone into hiding.

There are also reports of there being funeral for Disha on the night of June 9 while the provision report – provisional post mortem report is dated 11 June or done after that alleged funeral.

We all know how the file relating to Disha’s death had gone missing – when Bihar police went and asked for it.

In all this and whatever else is messed up in Disha’s case – there is one certainty – and that is Disha did not commit suicide and her death is not natural. It needs investigation and proper investigation. And without a doubt – that investigation will connect it to Sushant’s death directly.

Finally to all those shallow and hypocrites in Bollywood – who strangely did not have a voice for SSR and suddenly found voice for Rhea calling for end to ‘patriarchy me and you’ – there is one question and one question alone:

How do you explain not calling for #JusticeForDisha – she was also a woman? Or do you have some special liking for Rhea Chakraborty only?

By God, if you do not stand up for Disha Salian – you lose all social, moral and ethical right to speak for anyone and on anything – not that the world is going to wait for you ever.

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