Alan Tudge Vandalized Chinese Businesses

In Melbourne some goons vandalized Chinese businesses last month. There was a note written abusing Chinese Australians asking them to go back to China.  The note read:

“Why don’t you bloody bird and wild animal **** eating Chinese go back to where you came from. You have contaminated the whole world killed millions – You are murderers We don’t want you here – We hate you chinese – you are corrupt greedy criminals You take our jobs our land our businesses – ! And our lives Please piss off You will never be Australian You don’t look like us and you don’t accept and respect us Please **** off to your own **** filled China!

Alan Tudge, the Acting Minister for Immigration – the Hon. Tudge tweeted saying, “Earlier this week, a number of shops were attacked and vandalised in Melbourne – many operated by Australians of Chinese heritage. These attacks are disgusting, cowardly and criminal and the Aus Gov condemns them entirely. I hope the cowards involved are brought to justice.

These vandalized Chinese businesses are in addition to attacks on Chinese Australians’ homes during lockdwon 1.0. They were attacked in the same way and their garages were painted with abusive messages telling them to **** off and go back to China. At the time also minister Alan Tudge had expressed his displeasure and called on all Australians to exercise restraint and caution and respect all Australians irrespective of their origin and descent.

Ever since the COVID-19 originated late last year in Wuhan province of China and spread all over the world, there have been incidents of people attacking migrants of Chinese descent all over the world, though sporadically. Australian politicians and community leaders feel and say that is unacceptable behavior and needs condemnation. But in contrast – the US President Donald Trump has been seemingly stoking controversy by calling the COVID-19 a ‘China virus’ and encouraging China haters to be more vocal against China.

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