World Leader Narendra Modi

Epic ( is a digital resource library providing resources to elementary school age children’s reading needs, more particularly aged up to 12 years old. The digital resource is prescribed to by (according to their website) 91% of the schools in America. The resource has many books on India and recently added a book on ‘World Leader Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India’ written by Alexis Burling. Although the book is not part of the prescribed curriculum and thus not compulsory for all students to read, it seems to mark the awakening of and recognition by the US and its educators of what India stands for in the world under Modi today.

EPIC – a digital reading platform, is built on a collection of 40,000+ books from 250 plus publishers who fuel curiosity and reading confidence for kids up to 12. The platform is open to all including students and teachers living outside the US.  Inclusion of the book on Modi is a long way from the time American administration refused Narendra Modi visa to visit the US while he was the chief minister of Gujarat.

It seems – the Supreme Court of India clearing his name in Gujarat riots, his efforts to reform India, including peaceful resolution of the Babri Masjid issue, reforming and alleviating the sufferings of Muslim women by removing Triple Talaq – are seen by the world as him working as Prime Minister for all irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

It must be mentioned that his decisions on CAA 2019 and abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A are still sub-judice and before the courts but that is due process and appropriately seen by his critics both in India and overseas.

 “There are people who dislike him and his politics of non-appeasement of (read pandering to) the minorities which the Congress party and its cronies (those breakaway groups) in India have done for the last 73 years. What is wrong with the fact that he has chosen to identify himself as a Hindu?”, questions Praveen Kumar, a Modi fan living in the US.

“But how can you justify house-arrests months on end of politicians in the state of Jammu Kashmir”, asks Tarun Singh, a Congress party worker and sympathiser.

No one can dispute the amusement delivery of the Indian politics at its even dullest.

Whether you like Modi or not, India is a phenomenon – whose time has come!

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