Ankita Lokhande with SSR

SSR’s former girlfriend of six years and now TV and film actress Ankita Lokhande has jumped in to demolish what Rajdeep Sardeasi and Rhea Chakraborty endeavoured to do through a TV interview – after more than two months of silence on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Clearly – perhaps heavily ‘won over’ if not paid Sardeasi was asking – pre-determined questions on which Rhea had been fully tutored to say what she needed to say. The idea (read of Rhea’s legal coaches) was to blame SSR for his death because of his bad habits as a ‘druggie”.

In the conversation Rhea paddled the lie that Sushant had had a depression episode in 2013 and seen a psychiatrist for it who had prescribed medicine for his condition. She also added that Sushant was suffering from claustrophobia and could not travel by air without taking medication.

Posting a long text response to Rhea’s lies, Ankita Lokhande went on Instagram and totally decimated Rhea’s claims of Sushant having had depressive illness. Ankita and SSR broke up in February 2016 – 3 years after the alleged episode of depression mentioned by Rhea. Ankita categori8cally denies SSR having any illness till they broke up which is February 2016.

“1st of all from beginning till the end me and Sushant were together about 23rd February 2016. He never had any conditions of depression and had visited any psychiatrist. He was totally fine,” she wrote.

In a sucker of a chat sold as “grilling” by Rajdeep where he plays extremely subservient to the direction decided by Rhea’s lawyers, Rhea attempted to weave a yarn of invoking sympathy of viewers.

Responding to Rhea’s claims, Ankita doubly clarifying any doubts, wrote:

“… the time Sushant and me were together, he was never in any kind of depression.”

Clarifying that she was on SSR’s family’s side, Ankita added: “… I still sticking on grounds of truth and accept that I have been standing on the family’s side, not Rhea. In family’s knowledge and understanding she is the one who persuaded him towards his end. And they have chats and proof which can’t be denied and overlooked too. So I heard the family’s side, stood by it, stick by it till the end”.

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