CBI Probe ordered by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court today has delivered its decision and ordered the probe into SSR’s death by the CBI. The Court has found that the Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) probe into the FIR lodged against actress Rhea Chakraborty in connection with Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is lawful.

Delivering the verdict Justice Hrishikesh Roy further directed the Mumbai Police to hand over all the evidence in the case to the CBI.

The Court also directed the CBI to look into any other cases registered in the future in relation to the death of Rajput. To make doubly sure its intent, the Court has ordered the Maharashtra government has been ordered to assist the CBI in the investigation.

Putting to rest all the jurisdictional tussle between the Bihar Police and the Mumbai Police and the issues of federalism in the Constitution, the Court held that the Patna FIR lodged by Sushant’s father was lawful.

After the order was pronounced, the Maharashtra government sought to appeal against it. However, the Court declined to entertain the same.

Rhea’s contention that there is no cause of action in Bihar has been rejected by the court.

The Criminal Procedure Code of India provides for such scenarios – where an FIR can be registered elsewhere and then transferred to the place of cause of action authorities to probe.

The Court has also directed the CBI to look into any other cases registered in the future in relation to the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

All the holes found in the Mumbai police investigation will now be highlighted and it remains to be seen how the CBI proceeds.

Vikas Singh, the lawyer for the family of Sushant Singh Rajput has told the media that the family is very happy with the decision of the Court.

“The SC ruled on all points in our favour. The Court also clearly said that the FIR registered at Patna was correct,” Vikas Singh, KK Singh’s lawyer said.

Singh hoped that the justice will be pronounced very soon. “The family is very happy with the verdict,” the lawyer added.

As indicated in our earlier story, the Supreme Court has taken the path of finding the FIR accusing Rhea and her family to be valid and ordered the CBI probe.

“The FIR registered at Patna was correct,” the Court announced.

“Overwhelmed” is the word to describe all the fans of SSR all over the world. That is particularly so here in Melbourne where a group of die hard fans of Sushant had raised funds to put up 7 billboards in Melbourne metro to highlight their campaign for #JusticeforSushant. The group of 2000 members called Ban Bollywood Bullies – Unite Australia for SSR was led by trio of Divya Bakshi, Sudhir and Anupama Khanna Arora.

An elated Divya Bakshi told Bharat Times, “SSRians in Australia are overwhelmed and overjoyed with SC’s decision to hand over SSR’s case to CBI. Posts on our page started pouring the minute news came out. I approved nearly 200 posts in 30 minutes. It’s a historical day for all of us. We all feel that all our efforts did make a difference.


“It’s a big victory for each and everyone who participated in this battle. Now we all are looking forward to a fair investigation. We will continue our fight for Justice for SSR but more strongly than before..”.
Another fan of SSR, Savita Thakur Singh sent in an email (to BT) thanking God: “I had been praying since morning for this decision. I thank God and the judge for this decision. I know this is not the end, and just the beginning, but I hope we get justice for Sushant. We all expect the CBI to get to the truth, find the culprits and they face their karma by rotting in hell.” 
Rhea had nine of India’s best and most expensive lawyers working on the case.
SSR fans are very happy, overwhelmed and cautiously optimistic that there will be cause to celebrate one day, hopefully soon for the sake of Sushant’s family, in particular his 74 years old father.

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