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Collective Shout welcomes the actions of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group to remove all listings of child sex abuse dolls from its global platform.

Alibaba Group’s actions were in response to our two week investigation which exposed large numbers of replica child dolls modelled on the bodies of pre-pubescent girls, toddlers and babies on its platform.

Our team uncovered life-like sex dolls marketed as ‘young girl’, ‘flat chest’, ‘mini’ and ‘loli’’ sold by 23 suppliers on the marketplace. One of our team was sent a video demonstrating the special ‘features’ of an anatomically-correct baby.

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We asked how, at a time when there is more awareness of child sexual abuse than ever, a multi-billion dollar mainstream corporation like Alibaba could profit from normalising the abuse of infants by facilitating user’s fantasies of raping a child.

We have since received the following statement from an Alibaba spokesman:

“ is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers around the world. We would like to thank Collective Shout for alerting us to listings which violated’s user terms and conditions. We maintain a robust product listing policy that prohibits the listing by third-party sellers of any items depicting or suggestive of sex involving minors, and third-party sellers in breach of the policy are subject to our disciplinary measures. After being notified of such listings by Collective Shout, we have taken action to remove them and implement a number of additional measures to prevent the items being relisted.  We hope to work with Collective Shout in the future on the ongoing fight against child exploitation and sexual violence.”

Collective Shout commended Alibaba Group’s demonstration of corporate social responsibility and removal of life-like sex abuse dolls and welcome the company’s invitation to work more closely with them in future, to ensure this never happens again.

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