1 Million infections in Modi's India covid-19

As pointed out by BT at very early stage back in March, India is not adequately equipped with health infrastructure and logistics to face a deluge of COVID-19 infections. Sadly, that is exactly what is happening in India right now. The number of COVID-19 increased by 28,498 in the past 24 hours taking the national figure of COVID-19 infections to almost 1 million infections – 906,752 to be precise, according to the US based and world leader website of Johns Hopkins Unversity’s Coronavirus centre.

India is now sitting at number three on the top of the worst-affected country in terms of infections, only behind the United States and Brazil.

The infections have increased by 100,000 in four days. The total death toll of COVID-19 stands at 23, 277, including 553 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Those who find the deaths number somewhat ‘acceptable’ despite 1 million infections, say that the ratio of deaths compared to infections, is not all that bad. They compare Indian death toll with that of Brazil where we have just above the double of infections –  1, 926, 824 infections and far more than three times as many deaths -74, 133. Also in the case of United States, the infection numbers are 3, 413,574 just over 3.5 times and the number of deaths is far greater – sitting at 136,466 which is almost six times that of India’s.

Some experts believe India’s practice of vaccinating the general population with BCG strains to protect them against childhood tuberculosis – may be one reason for its population to cope better fighting the virus despite the 1 million infections. Others believe the weather – It is summer in India right now – is also a factor in people not developing as many complications.

But the situation is grim and getting worse and India is no longer under nationwide lockdown.

Eight of India’s 28 states account for nearly 90 per cent of infections. The states of  Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and New Delhi are the worst hit states.

The rising cases of infections have prompted some local authorities to reimpose partial lockdowns during which only essentials including grocery and milk vendors, doctors’ clinics, chemist shops and emergency services are allowed open.

‘The life is back to normal – ‘new normal’ with social distancing, using masks & hand sanitizers and working remotely if possible – is the way to start making a contribution to our economy as advised by Modiji’ Rajendra Bansal told BT over the phone from Chandigarh.

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