Racist attacks in Werribee

First it was Chinese Australia who bore the brunt of racist attacks in this COVID-19 environment. Now it seems, racism is rearing its head again. Only last month (on May 9), in a separate incident, a Punjabi Indian taxi driver suffered a broken nose and head injuries in a vicious and senseless attack by a passenger at Crown Casino in Melbourne. He had to be hospitalized.

BT understands the driver was attacked for refusing services to a group of ‘drunk and abusive’ passengers.

The driver, who was wearing turban at the time, had his hair pulled out and punched in the face.

The group was hurling abuses at the Punjabi driver. When he told them to leave the taxi, they took his turban off and threw it outside, calling him a d***head and saying “F**k your turban.”

On May 27 at around 5.30pm, in another separate incident in Melbourne’s west – near Werribee Plaza, Rupinder Kaur, an international student from India was physically and verbally abused. Though it has added to the trauma she endured, she has been advised to get tested for the dreading COVID-19 virus.

In the very derogatory attack, a ‘used’ cold drink was allegedly poured over her face while in the bus near Werribee Plaza.

Rupinder and a friend were waiting for a bus when the attack took place. They were attacked by a group of young men and women who hurled racist abuse and made rude gestures.

“They yelled racist things like f*** off you Indians, go back where you came from. You smell sh**”, she told SBS radio.

Ms Kaur also alleges that one of the offenders spat on her friend as they were boarding a bus travelling towards Hoppers Crossing.  

Rupinder confronted the attackers asking what they thought was wrong with being an Indians.

She claims she was punched and kicked in the head and chest after she stepped out of the bus.

“My nose was bleeding, and my T-shirt was drenched in blood. I asked the bus driver to contact the police who arrived at the scene along with an ambulance,” she added.

The offenders fled the scene before the police arrived. But a Good Samaritan passenger helped Rupinder and her friend and has recorded statement with the police to help in the investigation which is in process.

To help fight racism in Australia, all racist attacks, no matter how small and insignificant, must be reported.

Anyone with information is requested to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report anonymously online at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au.


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