Virtual Summit Gujarati Khichadi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had a virtual summit with Prime Minister Scott Morrison today. As the friendship grows stronger, so does the list of Indian dishes Prime Minister Morrison is going to try his hands on. On the weekend, it was Scomosas or samosas with Mango Chuttney which Mr Morrison again mentioned in the summit. And not it will be Gujarati Khichadi another favourite of Modi as per Mr Morrison’s recollections.

And Mr Morrison promised Mr Modi when they meet next time, in person, he would have had time to sharpen his skills on making the Gujarati Khichadi.

Mr Modi was pleasantly surprised and happy to inform Mr Morrison that Khichadi is not only confined to the state of Gujarat but a dish liked and cooked (with variations) in all states and territories of India.

On bilateral front both PMs fondly spoke of  India and Australia sharing deep and extensive ties based on ‘our’shared interest and values between the two nations. While thanking  Prime Minister Scott Morrison for accepting the invite for the vitrual bilateral summit, Mr Modi said that the online meeting cannot replace the his actual presence in India which was due earlier this year. PM Modi once again has extend a warm invite to PM Morrison and family to visit India and give India, Mr Modi and his team an opportunity to host the first family of Australia.

The prime minister said that the time is ripe and perfect to further strengthen and broaden ties between India and Australia.

“There are endless opportunities to strengthen our friendship, it also brings with it challenges to turn this potential into reality, how our relationship becomes a factor of stability for the region,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi thanked the Australian PM for looking after the Indian community and students during this difficult time and reiterated India’s commitment toward strengthening ties with Australia.

“It is not only important for our two nations but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the whole world who bolster our ties,” he said during the virtual bilateral event.

Mr Modi suggested that India had seen an opportunity in the crisis brought about by COVID-19 and is taking steps to seize it.

“In India, a process of comprehensive reforms has been initiated in almost all areas. Very soon its result will be seen at the ground level,” he said.

PM Morrison agreed with Mr Modi and thanked him for his leadership not just in India but in G20 and in the Pacific region. Both leaders sang and acknowledged each other vision and advocated for better, broader and stronger Australia India ties.

Mr Morrison also hinted their possible meeting – at G7 where both leaders have been invited to attend by the US president Donald Trump at Camp David in Maryland. The meeting is likely to take place in September.

Both leaders will have to wait for a better opportunity to relish Mr Morrison’s Gujarati Khichadi, certainly not in Maryland.

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