Glowing Skin tips

Follow these 7 simple skincare tips and say hello to your beautiful skin!

It happens to everyone, the “bleh skin” phase. And most of us just give up, losing all hope that we can ever do anything to get flawless, smooth skin. Things like blotchy skin, flaky skin, and acne can strip us of our self-confidence and esteem – but by just making a few adjustments to your daily routine and lifestyle, you can very easily and quickly achieve the perfect glow!


1. Go easy on the product

This one is no riddle. Make up is notorious for causing acne, skin allergies and even premature aging! If you want youthful looking skin, you may want to ease up on the cosmetics.

2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

Cleansing is super super important if you want clear skin! When you don’t cleanse, all the grimy stuff on our face (dirt, dust, makeup etc.) clogs our pores. Our skin starts looking greasy and grubby. Remember to do a deep clean of your skin (it takes about 30 to 45 seconds to get rid of all the muck) before you sleep, and especially after coming back from outside.

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing is essential, especially if you have dry skin. Not moisturizing is what leads to that dry, flaky look, and can even make your skin appear dull. A gentle face cream won’t make your face look oily and greasy, but they will replenish the necessary oils your skin needs to make your skin glow.

4. Do not over exfoliate

Like I said, your skin needs its natural oils to look healthy and bright. Over exfoliation can dehydrate your skin, and this will lead also lead to dry, flaky skin. Remember to choose hydrating exfoliating products.

5. Keep an eye on the time you spend in the sun

This one’s responsible for the patchy skin. Too much sun exposure often leads to patches on your skin, even discoloration. And without protection, it can lead to much more serious conditions, like skin cancer. Watch the minutes you spend in the sun, and always remember to slip, slop and slap 🙂

 6. Get enough sleep

When you’re dreaming, your skin’s repair mechanisms are busy at work. Not getting enough hours of sleep can trigger the release of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol into your bloodstream which have been found to lead to breakouts and other skin problems. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night to see visible changes in your skin.

7. Drink this miracle elixir to rid your skin of any acne or patches

Yes, it’s water!

Drinking water is essential for getting smooth, glowing skin, and helps prevent skin conditions like eczema. It flushes out all the bad toxins in your body, and noticeably improves your skin complexion.

These are 7 very simple skincare tips that will achieve wonderful glowing, clean skin for you in no time!

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