Sunny Leone chops off finger

Fame is addictive. It can work its way into your psyche that you will not be able to think straight and compulsively find ways to stay in limelight – or make yourself newsworthy. With COVID-19 having descended upon us, our celebrities are caged in their own houses and find it difficult to keep coming up with tricks to grab news-bites. This is what pushed Sunny Leone – the baby doll of Bollywood – to “accidentally chop her finger off” for her husband Daniel Weber.

Sunny pulled a prank on Daniel by making him believe that she had accidentally chopped off her finger. She recorded the prank on video and then took to Instagram to share the video of the same. In the video, requests the viewers to turn the volume down before she cries out for help, shouting out to her husband that she has chopped off her finger. Daniel comes in running and panics, and runs around as he tries to figure out how he can help.

However, when Sunny draws his attention towards the phone, he understands that he was being recorded all the while, and this was just a prank.

When Sunny asks Daniel how much he enjoyed the prank, he said: “Generally, I am a pretty serious person in life. That is just my personality. I actually don’t even like pranks that much. I don’t even like pranks on other people and I definitely don’t like pranks on me. So, if you want me to rate your prank, I think it’s a zero because I hated that it was done on me.” 

A few days ago, Sunny Leone tried out some eighties fashion for a retro aerobics workout. Sunny took to Instagram to share a video where she is seen wearing high-cut leotards, crop top and a big bow on her hair.

First Sunny shared her look on the photo-sharing website and captioned: “Hmmm…something fun planned!! Video to come!”

In the second video, the “Mastizaade” actress was seen exercising on the song 80’s hit “Maniac” with Karishma Vohra in two separate TikTok windows.

Lockedup with Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are trying to make the most of their time under quarantine. The actress has started a new show called Locked Up with Sunny on her Instagram handle, where she interviews various Bollywood celebrities.

Sunny has so far roped in actors like Arbaaz Khan, Varun Sharma, Anisha Dixit and Mandana Karimi among others.

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