MoneyGram a global provider of innovative money transfer services, has renewed its partnership with 7-Eleven Australia for an additional five years, ensuring that consumers continue to enjoy the convenience of initiating MoneyGram transfers at more than 600 7-Eleven locations in Australia.

The continuation of the 7-Eleven Australia partnership will provide consumers with more transaction choices.

In addition to initiating transactions on 7-Eleven kiosks, consumers also have the option to stage their transactions online and then complete them in store.

Showcasing staging website -MoneyGram expands with 7-Eleven

MoneyGram and 7-Eleven will initiate a special promotion starting in April where new customers get to enjoy “zero fees”* for their first three transactions. This offer will only be available at 7-Eleven and will run for a period of three months.

“We have enjoyed an extremely strategic and mutually beneficial relationship with 7-Eleven and with this renewed partnership, we have set the stage to continue to meet our changing consumers’ needs by expanding our digital capabilities and services,” said Michael Minassian, head of Australia, Oceania, North Asia & Philippines, MoneyGram.

“Consumers are becoming more ‘time-poor’ and with uniterrupted acces in even more 7-Eleven locations, they can literally send money anywhere, at anytime.”

According to World Bank data, Australia supports more than $16.8B in outflow money transfers to global markets like China, India, and the Philippines. With such a strong remittance market in Australia, MoneyGram has continually looked to grow its services and discover how and where consumers can transact with the brand.

“Providing our customers with a convenient range of products and services that meet their needs is the key focus of our offer. The continuation of our partnership with MoneyGram provides them with the choice to complete international money transfers 24/7 at our conveniently located stores,” said Julie Laycock, 7-Eleven General Manager Marketing.

MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer services. Whether online, or through a mobile device, or in a local store – the company connects family and friends around the world by providing a convenient and reliable financial connection any way that is convenient for them.

Inspired by customers and employees MoneyGram goes the extra mile to prove social responsibility.

(*Terms and conditions apply)

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