The answer is an emphatic YES.

Politicians have been suffering from an extremely low trust quotient for a long time but such blatant and gross misbehavior being not just endorsed but appreciated by Sarah Hanson-Young (SH-Y) as to call the younger idiot (Anning is the bigger one) Australia’s Hero is a the lowest of the lows the lady can stoop to, to score a political point.
And in my view, she did no one any favors and rather writ ‘Í am the most incompetent fool in your parliament’ very large on page one of her CV. Fool she is, no doubt but a fool so handsomely paid by tax payers that perhaps she is like someone who would not like to get in to the real world and have a feel of how life is when one has to work their butt out to put food on the family table.

I am a non-Anglo migrant Australian myself who does not like really much of what Senator Fraser Anning has done ever since he has been in the parliament and perhaps taken home more than $500,000 and continuing – in salaries and various allowances, which our politicians guarantee themselves. But I believe that money isn’t well spent.

And senator Anning’s desperate attempt to connect Muslim migration to Tarrant’s crime – should be condemned in the strongest possible language by one and all. I feel for my Muslim brethren who were attacked in Christchurch and others anywhere in the world who may be feeling under threat. I have no doubt in my mind that Brenton Tarrant’s despicable behavior can, from any sane mind, get no support, no matter how cynical one is of Islam or other people’s religion.

But the actions of “Egg Boy” – can in NO circumstance be seen as heroic or be justified.

Were he my son, it would be a lot different story. As father, I would publicly apologize to Fraser Anning and donate the money raised to a charity. And my son would be no one’s hero, not even in his own household.

There is an age old golden dictumrespect your elders which I believe cannot be compromised for anything even when you vehemently disagree with the elder.

And for today’s ‘digital gimmickry’? I feel, it was a sin not just disrespect to his elder who was stinkingly wrong.

Thus the Egg Boy Australia’s hero ? Never.

And for those intellectuals who are busy deciphering the very act of “egging” whether it is violent or not – I ask since when did we do away with manners that you are now wasting the precious effort of justifying the attack of a 17 YO on 70 YO?

God save Australia.

Finally, there is a lot to say to SH-Y on this. How on earth can she ignore the gravity of such disrespectful behaviour? Will SH-Y be happy if someone commits money on SH-Y being egged (by hypothetically the next Australian hero, the “Egg-girl”), the way Anning was?

In my view, SH-Y and Anning both should resign from the senate as their public conduct has failed the pub test of a worthy Australian politician we have known and expect them to be!


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